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Hi friends Iam Rajashekhar attended the written test on 7th Oct, 2006. I got X set it is very easy, u

find the questions from previous papers. Iam selected in the written test and my interview is after 25says from the results so iam prepared allmost 12 major subjects of MCA. And attended the Technical interview on 19th Nov.

There are two persons in the interview they are not the HR people they are the programmers, and they are young…they are not much serious but iam tensed since it is my first interview in my career.They are asked mostly java, project and project deployement and few of the DBMS.(since iam mentioned three projects in resume they are mostly concentrated to know whether are i have really done it or not)

These are my Technical interview questions….

1) Tell me abt urself
2) Explain ur project
3) When u use html, whenu use servlet, when u use jsp
4) what is the difference between jsp and servlet
5) servlet life cycle and jsp lifecycle
6) tell me the scripting elements used in jsp
7) what will be happened to the statements given in scriptlets <% %>
when it is translated into servlet
8) what is the difference between Generic Servlet and HttpServlet
9) what are the methods in HttpServlet
10) what are the methods in HttpSession
11) how many types of statements are there in JDBC
12) can u tell me the difference between statement and prepared statement
13) what is the use of CallableStatement
14) How u will get an object of type Statement
15) how to execute a procedure (with example statements)
16) what is the driver used in ur project
17) how to create the war file
18) how ur deployed ur project
19) What is exception
20) what is the difference between runtime exception and compiletime exception(i.e, the difference between checked exception and unchecked exception)
21) who throws the object of type exception (ans: JVM)
22) how u handle the checked exceptions and unchecked exceptions
23) can u tell me one example which doesnot throws exception at compile but may throw at runtime (ans: explain c=a/b; if b=0 then exception at runtime)
24) can u tell me the examples for checked exceptions
25) Do u know collection API .(i said yes)
26) then tell me what is the useof that
27) how many types are there (ans: list, set , map)
28) how many types are there in each type..
29) tell me the differences between them
30) which does not contain duplicates , which contains sorted elements, what map type contains..
31) do u know Properties class, then explain
32) Do u know struts (i said yes but not now), then do u know design patters..(i said yes)
33) wha is the design pattern
34) tell me diff design patterns.. (iam said MVC and others)
35) explain MVC architecture
36) explain abt each of controller, model, view..
37) (i said business logic will be model then he asked again) where u will write business logic……r u sure..(he tried to make confused me a lot….)
38) what is a framework.
39) do u know locks (i said yes) then tell me what are the types of locks and the levels..
40) (i said i know lock types but i dont know lock levels)explain the lock types..
41) he asked some question like one record is locked by shared lock and another process is updating the value by using shared lock..then what happens for the first process..( some thing like that not exaclty same)
42) what are the DDL commands..( i said it defines the structure and schema…but he said no…and he given me some time but i cant rellect it….iam struck up there….)

Then he said…Ok leave it and u can go….
He tried to make me confused 6 times..but iam said confidently 5 times but once iam failed that is DDL…what iam said is correct but he said no…and there are few interctive questions between the project and in between of the other qestions…

iam selected in technical interview and my next round is MR which is after three days.
(Managerial Round is just for elimination which may contain tehcnical quesions and hr questions as well as depends on the panel.Technical is the main elimination round)

My MR interview is on 19th Nov. The person is very cool he mostly asked personal questions no tehcnical and few of HR questions.

MR round:
1) tell me abt ur father…
2) why ur not trying for job in dhubai (i said myfather is working there)
3) then he asked personal details abt my mothere my natice place and abt my sister in interactive manner
4) what ur learnt frm ur father ( i said patience)
5) what ur thinking which is needed for ur career (i said the process of learning– learning technologies , platforms, environments, culture…)
6) for how many years u will work here…
7) what u will do if satyam or say infosys is giving better opportunity…
8) do u want to work in growing company or grown company ( i said growing company)
9) then why ur choosing TCS, it is already grown na..(i said some bla..bla..atlast he catched what iam said abt no.of employees)
10) (then he asked) do u want to work in a company with less employees or more employees, if there are more employees u cant goto next level that is much is na.. ( i said with more no.of employess since bla..bla..)
11) (then he asked) then what u will do if IBM offers a job there which is having more employees abt 1lack employees..
12) what do u want(learn) frm this job..
13) what do u want to do in future…( i said abt my peronal goal)
14) what is ur hobbies ( i said browsing and some others)
15) then he asked what u will browse..(then he asked my internet connection details)
15) he asked my weakness..( iam said it is browsing..and said the problems with that and explained how it is going to be helpfull for me in future
16) then he asked do u know springs..( i said i know it is a framework which is the advanced technology but i dont know the subject…)
17) then do u know hybernate..(i said it is the adv technology than springs but i dont know abt it) these are the few questions…most of them are related to my personal…
18) at last he asked do u want to know anything….( then i said yes sir i want to know few things..for me questions he didn’t gave ans..for one question he said “ask to HR” for other question he said it would take a lot fo time so i cant do it now…)

he said all the best..and given shake hand ….that ends my MR round
Iam selected in the MR round and next round is HR on the same day…
(once ur selected in MR ur probably in TCS, HR is nothing,no elimination)

The interviewer is a lady (but looking like a tiger not as a lady, she was looking as serious person),
first she introduced herself and my tern comes…
HR round:
1) tell me about urself ( i said which is not the resume)
2) why do u want to join TCS
3) how ur expecting that TCS is going to fullfill ur job dreams
4) why shoud i hire u
5) how can u say ur different frm others
6) what r ur 5 major strengths
7) how can u say that ur a quicklearner, can u tell me one which ur learnt… ( i said one of my strength is quick learner)
8) can u tell me one successfull movement in ur life ( i said one incident abt my project)
9) then she asked can u tell me any failure that ur faced in project and how u solved
10) r u ready to work in other technology that is other than currently ur working
11) what is ur weekness….( i said again it is browsing)
12) then how u will overcome that..
13) If u have to work on Windows operating system what is the feature that u want to add for it (i.e for windows o.s)
14) she asked whether iam ready to relocate or not
14) then she said abt bond and asked whether iam ready.
14) then she said some rules and regulations and said the offer letter will be given after medical test..and u can leave..that ends my HR round now iam eagerly waiting for my final result…..

All the best.

TCS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 24th-January-2011

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