Company: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

TCS paper on 18 January 2011 @ Government College of Engineering, Aurangabad

Hello everyone,

I am going to share my experience about the TCS recruitment procedure here and about the interview

TCS came to our college on 17th of January and there was online aptitude test for that. It took a whole day and the next day was for the interviews. We were called at 8:30 am sharp and the interviews started at about 10:00

I was called for the interview at 7pm and I was the last person to be interviewed. This was technical round. I entered the cabin with smiling face and asked the permission to come in to interviewer, to my surprise, there were two people sitting one of them was HR and one was technical interviewer

BOTH: – Good evening, please take a seat

Me: – Thank you sir, thank you ma’am, Good evening

HR: – you must be tired by now; waiting for 10 hours is not so easy

ME: – (I was really tired but still managed to keep smile on face and remain fresh) yes sir I am tired a little (said with normal voice and pleasant expression on face)

HR: – Good, but you do not look tired at all, you seem OK,

Me: sir, I am tired and hungry but it does not matter now as I have come for the interview and I have to be presentable here, so there is no reason to show how much tired I am

(Both seemed quite impressed by this answer and smiled)

HR: – So explain yourself

(I just started to tell whatever I had written in resume but then they stopped me and asked to tell what I have not written in the resume)

Me: Sir, related to academics and technology, I am Sun Certified Java Programmer and in my personal life, I have habit of analyzing people, study their behavior and I try to read their minds

HR: – Why do you do this?

Me: It helps me know people well

(HR smiled and talked to technical interviewer and left)

(After this, HR left and the ma’am started asking technical questions)

TP: – what are packages in java?

Me:- I explained, additionally told the important build in packages in java

TP: what is data abstraction?

Me: Answered

TP:- What is encapsulation?

Me: Told

TP:- What is abstract class? Interface and what is the difference between them

Me:- Told

(She was impressed by the difference I told her)

TP:- What are different data structures in java?

Me:- Told

TP: – Do you know generics in java?

Me: – Yes madam, I know the concepts but I don’t have thorough knowledge about it, but I know the Collections in java

TP:- What is JVM?

Me: – Told

TP:- What is bytecode,

Me:- Told

TP:- Why java uses bytecode rather than the exe file?

Me:- told

TP:- What are the java and javac commands?

Me:- Told

TP:- Tell the difference between C++ and java programs

Me:- Told

(she was again impressed this time)

(I was interviewed about 20 minutes on java only and then they turned to C, C++, DBMS and .NET)

TP:- Will you be able to write a program for the traversal of binary tree?

Me: – No madam

TP:- Can you write a program to show a linked list, use C language

Me:- I took 5 minutes to draw a adhoc program but it was not wrong

TP:- Write a program to print a specific pattern

Me:- I tried the program but could not solve it

(She told me that as an IT student you should be able to solve this, I just smiled)

TP: – What are MSIL and CLR in .NET?

Me: explained

TP: – What are views in DBMS? How do they differ from tables?

Me:- I explained

TP: – What are the constraints in DBMS?

Me:- all told

TP: – Difference between primary key and the unique key

Me:- told

TP:- Write down a query for inserting data into table

Me: wrote the query

(This took about 45 minutes and she told me to leave and wait outside for the result, as I was the last person and she told me to wait for result I thought I have cracked the technical interview)

Immediately after 10 minutes I was called for the HR interview

HR was the same that was sitting with TP when my Technical interview started

HR:- So how are you feeling?

Me: I am fine sir and I smiled

HR: – (after seeing my resume and I had done some small projects in .NET) it seems that you want to do work in java but it can be possibility that company will put in some other projects like linux or even .NET, so will you work in different platform?

Me:- Of course sir, no problem

HR: – Then there won’t be use of your java certification

Me:- Sir, I wanted to learn java language very well and the best way for doing it was doing certification in it, and I have successfully done it, I have not done it for showing others, my objective of learning java is now fulfilled and I will definitely work in .NET of Linux but will be really happy if I get a chance to work in java.

HR:- very good (he smiled). So tell me about your project

Me:- Done

HR:- So Prasad, please wait for 5 minutes outside.

(I was again called for another interview and with me one of my classmates was also called and we both sat on a chair next to some other HR)

I think this round was just a confirmation round and the HR told us about TCS and the bond , she asked us whether we are comfortable to travel across India as they can put us anywhere in India (and we definitely said YES),

Then she asked me whether I know the person with me (luckily, she is my classmate and our roll numbers are adjacent and also she is my friend, so I knew a lot about her)

HR asked me to describe each other in two sentences and we both did it

Then HR told us to come to seminar hall (at this point we were 90% confirm about our placement)

AAAAAAANNNNNNDDDD IT was exploding happiness when my name was called in the people selected

I am really

Happy to be In TCS

So best luck to all the TCS aspirants J