Company: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

TCS Paper on 1st November 2010 @ Techno India Campus, Salt Lake, Kolkatta

Name: Bhabani Sankar Swain
Stream: Electronics and Telecommunication
Session: 2006-2010
Status: Selected

These are my details. You can contact me for any assistance. I will be pleased to help you.

My Experience: From my childhood I have believed one proverb “HARDWORK NEVER GOES UNREWARDED”. Thats the secret of my success. Friends don’t loose hope until u get selected. Before TCS I attained almost 9-10 companies but I was deducted from final round. It was my bad luck that I was deducted from final round but I never loosed hope and concentrated on studies how to make the next one more successful. I was in search of a company that will give me 100% job satisfaction. Finally I found TCS as my destination.

Test location: Techno India Campus, Salt Lake, Kolkatta
Test Date: 1st Nov, 2010

Around 1000 students attained the TCS drive in different batches. The first batch started at 9 am. I attained the drive
at 2 pm. It was 4th batch. I attained 27 questions. From my batch only 3 candidates out of 200 were selected. I was one of them. From 1000 students only 26 students qualified the written test.

Campus Type:- off-campus It’s the new pattern, contain 35 questions.

In this drive cut-off mark varied according to our batch .in my batch cut off was around 22. In some other batches cut off was around 17 also. Actually Target of TCS is to retrieve best students from each batch.

1/3 negative marks there.
So answer only the correct answer.

Don’t do guess, it’s interesting paper. I like to solve it, i think real talent will be selected now, it’s suitable for good student. This time most of the questions were changed but concept was same as it was before. If you will refer questions it will definitely help you.

Details of the Process:

It’s the new pattern, contain 35 questions.
Cut off near about 18.
1/3 negative marks there.
So answer only the correct answer.

Don’t do guess, it’s interesting paper. I like to solve it, i think real talent will be selected now, it’s suitable for good student.

Some questions that remembered.

1) Horse started to chase dog as it relieved stable two hours ago. And horse started to ran with average speed 22km/hour, horse crossed 10 mts road and two small pounds with depth 3m, and it crossed two small street with 200 mts length. After travelling 6 hrs, 2 hours after sunset it got dog. Compute the speed of dog?
Ans: As we have speed and travel time of horse, we can get distance travelled by it.
Hence d = 22*6 = 132km,
Exactly this 132km was travelled by dog in 8 hours (as it started two hours earlier).
Hence speed of dog = 132/8 = 16.5km/hr
Ans: 16.5km/hr.

2) (There was a long story, I’ll cut short it). There are 5 materials to make a perfume: Lilac, Balsamic, Lemon, and Woody and MI mosaic. To make a perfume that is in demand the following conditions are to be followed: Lilac and Balsamic go together. Woody and MI mosaic go together; Woody and Balsamic never go together. Lemon can be added with any material. (Actually they had also mentioned how much amount of one can be added with how much quantity of the other; but that’s not needed for the question.) All of the following combinations are possible to make a perfume except:
1) Balsamic and Lilac
2) Woody and Lemon
3) MI mosaic and Woody
4) MI mosaic and Lilac

3) John buys a cycle for 31 dollars and given a cheque of amount 35 dollars. Shop Keeper exchanged the cheque with his neighbour and gave change to John. After 2 days, it is known that cheque is bounced. Shop keeper paid the amount to his neighbor. The cost price of cycle is 19 dollars. What is the profit/loss for shop keeper?

Ans: Is 23(cost price 19 + change given 4).

4) A game is played between 2 players and one player is declared as winner. All the winners from first round are played in second round. All the winners from second round are played in third round and so on. If 8 rounds are played to declare only one player as winner, how many players are played in first round

Ans: Is 28.

5) Entry ticket to an exhibition ranges from 1p to 31p. You need to provide exact change at the counter. You have 31p coin. In how many parts will you divide 31p so that you will provide the exact change required and carry as less coins as possible?

a) 22 b) 31 c) 6 d) 32

Ans: Is 6

6) There are 11 boys in a family. Youngest child is a boy. Probability is 1 that of all are boys out of?

a) 2 b) 2! C) 2048 d) 1024


7) Two bowls are taken, one contains water and another contains spoon of water is added to second bowl and mixed well, and a spoon of mixture is taken from second bowl and added to the second bowl. Which statement will hold good for the above?

Ans: Second liquid in first bowl is smaller than the first mixture in second bowl)

8) Ferrari S.P.A is an Italian sports car manufacturer based in Maranello, Italy. Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1928 as Scuderia Ferrari , the company sponsored drivers and manufactured race cars before moving into production of street-legal vehicles in 1947 as Feraari S.P.A. Throughout its history, the company has been noted for its continued participation in racing, especially in Formula One where it has employed great success .Rohit once bought a Ferrari . It could go 4 times as fast as Mohan’s old Mercedes. If the speed of Mohan’s Mercedes is 46 km/hr and the distance traveled by the Ferrari is 953 km, find the total time taken for Rohit to drive that distance.

a) 20.72 b) 5.18 c) 238.25 d) 6.18

Ans: b

9) A sheet of paper has statements numbered from 1 to 70. For all values of n from 1 to 70. Statement n says ‘At least n of the statements on this sheet are false.’ Which statements are true and which are false?

a) The even numbered statements are true and the odd numbered are false.
b) The odd numbered statements are true and the even numbered are false.
c) The first 35 statements are true and the last 35 are false.
d) The first 35 statements are false and the last 35 are false.

Ans: d

10) Middle earth is a fictional land inhabited by Hobbits, Elves, dwarves and men. The Hobbits and the Elves are peaceful creatures who prefer slow, silent lives and appreciate nature and art. The dwarves and the men engage in physical games. The game is as follows . A tournol is one where out of the two teams that play a match, the one that loses get eliminated. The matches are played in different rounds where in every round , half of the teams get eliminated from the tournament. If there are 8 rounds played in a knock-out tournol how many matches were played?
a) 257 b) 256 c) 72 d) 255

Ans: b

11) A lady has fine gloves and hats in her closet- 18 blue- 32 red and 25 black. The lights are out and it is totally dark inspite of the darkness. She can make out the difference between a hat and a glove. She takes out an item out of the closet only if she is sure that if it is a glove. How many gloves must she take out to make sure she has a pair of each colour?
a) 50 b) 8 c) 60 d) 42


12) Alok and Bhanu play the following coins in a circle game. 99 coins are arranged in a circle with each coin touching two other coin. Two of the coins are special and the rest are ordinary. Alok starts and the players take turns removing an ordinary coin of their choice from the circle and bringing the other coins closer until they again form a (smaller) circle. The goal is to bring the special coins adjacent to each other and the first player to do so wins the game. Initially the special coins are separated by two ordinary coins O1 and O2. Which of the following is true?

a) In order to win, Alok should remove O1 on his first turn.
b) In order to win, Alok should remove one of the coins different from O1 and O2 on his first turn.
c) In order to win, Alok should remove O2 on his first turn.
d) Alok has no winning strategy.

13) There is a die with 10 faces. It is not known that fair or not. 2 captains want to toss die for batting selection. What is the possible solution among the following?

a) If no. is odd it is head, if no. is even it is tail
b) If no. is odd it is tail, if no. is even it is head
c) Toss a die until all the 10 digits appear on top face. And if first no. in the sequence is odd then consider it as tail. If it is even consider it as head. I didn’t remembered last option and I don’t know answer.

14) Ferrari is leading car manufacturer.*Ferrari S.p.A.* is an Italian sports car. It has enjoyed great success. If Mohan’s Ferrari is 3 times faster than his old Mercedes wich gave him 35kmph if Mohan travelled 490 km in his ferrari the hw much time(hours) he took?
a) 8 b)4 c) 7 d) 7.33

(Options may be different)

15) In an exam there are total 12 questions. From the first 4 questions a student has to answer 2 questions which are compulsory. And he has to answer 5 from the rest. In how many ways he can answer questions.
Ans: 4c2*8c5 ( it is combination problem)

16) A gun has a nozzle velocity 330 mt/sec. It has to meet a target which is at a distance 5km. It retards at a rate of 8 mt/sec/sec while travelling in air. Find the velocity at a place where the bullet will meet the target.
Ans: You=330mt/sec s=5km=5000mt apply formula v2=u2-2as

17) For school children a software was designed.In that software one monkey has to choose balloons. If a monkey chooses 2 at a time and continues picking then 1 baloon is left. If it picks 5 at a time then the remaining is zero,if it picks 6 at a time then remaining is 3. What is the total number of balloons?

a) 72 b) 75 c) 79) d) 80

Ans: 75 ( Just devide the choosing patten in the number and check whether you are getting the remainder as the remaining value). If it chooses 6 at a time and continues then 75-(12*6)=3 which satisfies the condition

18) There are two statements. There is also a question. Choose 1 if the question can be answered by using either one. Choose 2 if the question can be answered using both the statements. Choose 3 if the question can not be answered using these two statements

Statement1: Avinash spends 30% on house rent, 20% on children’s education,40% on foods
Statement 2: Pritam spends 20% on house rent, 45% on children’s education,20% on food
Question: If pritam spends more than avinash on foods who spends more on children’s education?

The question can be answered by

a) 1 b) 2 c)3
Ans: c

19) A hollow space on earth surface is to be filled. Total cost of filling is Rs20000. The cost of filling per mt3 is Rs 225 .how many times a size of 3 mt3 soil is required to fill the hollow space?
Ans: 20000/225=88.88


So 30 times of 3 mt3 is required to fill the space completely

20) There are different things like p,q,r,s,t,u,v. We can take p and q together. If r and s are taken together then t must has to be taken. u and v can be taken together.v can be taken with p or s. every thing can be taken together except
a)p b)t c)v d)s

Ans: t

21) New town is straight to the north of New york. A high way M runs from newtown making an angle of 61 degree south east. from newyork there is also an high way N which runs northeast 61 degrees.if high ways M and N are straight then findout the acute angle made at their intersection point.

Ans: 180-(61+61)=58 (the high ways make a triangle the addition of 3 angles of a triangle is 180)

22) There are 7 meetings A,B,C,D,E,F,G .one meeting should happen in one day. Meeting A is on Sunday c and d meetings should happen after B. Then E ,F,G meetings should occur in three conjucutive days. And meeting g is on Saturday. Then meeting the should occur on which day?
a) sun b) mon c)wed d)fri

Ans: c

23) There are 9 weights like 16,19.156.26, 106,15,24,36 (in kg). There are three persons like rohit, sameer and imran. each lifts 3 types of weights. Rohit”s total lifted weight is 2 times than the weight lifted by rohit. What is the weight lifted by imran?

Ans: Total weight=16+19+156+26+106+15+24+36=398 kg
Suppose option is y kg lifted by imran(choose from option) then 3x+y=398
=>x=(398-y)/3 here x should be a whole number then y is the weight lifted by imran.


Total 26 students were shortlisted in written test and were undergone technical interview followed by HR interview at single place. Before interview everybody was given a form and they told how to fill the form). There were around 8 panels consisting 0f 2 members (1 technical member(male) and 1 HR member(female)). I filled the form and I was the last one to be interviewed AT 6 pm.

Me: Good evening mam, Good evening sir
Technical hr: Good evening, me Asutosh and handshake with me

Me: Also handshaked and told myself bhabani sankar and stood around 5 second
Technical hr: Please sit down

Me: Sat and told thank you sir
Technical: You are from Orissa

Me: Ya
Technical: How far cuttack is from your house?

Me: It is about 60 kms from cuttack
Technical: What you know except C and C++?(I wrote C and C++ as my language in CV)

Me: I know computer network and mobile communication.
Technical: Ok. You know C and C++ very well?

Me: Actually I am from Electronics background. I had to give importance on my branch subjects in 4 years. as software was my dream so I was always in touch with C and C++. I know the basics of C and C++ very well
Technical: Tell me the basic difference between C and C++
Me: Told about 4 points about C and C++ and difference between them

Technical: What is header file and how it works?
Me: Told confidently

Technical: Whats the work of printf()?
Me: Told

Technical: Whats the work of scanf()?
Me: Told

Technical: You know while and do while loop?
Me: ya I know

Technical: Ok write syntax of “ for” loop
Me: for(i=0;i<=0,i++) actually I forgot the semicolons between them. He help me Technical: Can we write i+++? Me: Yes we can write it in C program but we cant write in for loop HR: Ok if I will write simplely as for(; 😉 will it show the output? Me: No I will not show as there is not any condition within brackets HR: Why? Syantax is correct. Right? It will compile or not? Then what will be the output? Me: It will print a garbage value HR: Where it will find a garbage value Me: There may be previously stored garbage value HR:Ok you know C++? Me: I know the special features of C++ HR: What is inheritance? Me: Told confidently HR: What is polymorphism? Me: Told with confusion HR: Give examples Me: Unable to give HR: What the difference between class and object? Me: Told with examples HR: What is recursive function? Me: Sorry I dony know the detail about recursive function HR: Ok just tell what is recursive function Me: Told(the function that calls itself) HR: Can you write a program to find factorial of a number using recursive function? Me: Sir, I have not prepared abt this program HR: Which program you can write in C Me: I can swap two variables without using 3rd variable HR: Ok write. I was trying to wrting the whole program but he told to write only the logic Me:-a=a+b b=a-b a=a-b HR: Ok explain using a =5 b=10 M: I explained HR: You know data structure? Was it in your course? Me: Yes I kone the basics HR: What is linked list, what is stack Me: Explained HR: What is difference between stack and queue? Me: Explained HR: You know Java? Me: No, I don’t know Java HR: What other subjects you know? Me: I know compute networks HR: Ok explain tcp/ip protocol Me: Explained HR: What are the different types of ip addresses? Me: Told and explained HR: What other protocols you know? Me: I couldnot remember any other protocols. HR: Tell about peer to peer network and shared network? Difference between them? Me: Told HR: Which other subjects you know? Me: Mobile communication HR: Except mobile communication which subjects you know? Me: I was silent I could not remember any subjects that I am confident in. Then technical asked the HR manager(female) to ask questions. HR: What are your weakness? Me: Told HR: TCS is present at many centres including remote areas. Do you want to be relocated? Me: I am ready to work anywhere for TCS HR: How you believe that you have team leading capability? Me: Told HR: Why TCS? Me: My brother is working for a TATA Group company for last 6 years. HR: Both HRs asked at same time why? Me: He has told me that job satisfaction is there is TATA Group of comanies and for me it is the no1 it service provider and oursourcer in India and outside world also. They were happy at this time HR: Why should we select you? Me: Told about my strong areas and team building capability. And told them for the above reasons I feel I am the best candidate for TCS. HR: Ok thank you so much. Me: Handshaked and told thank you so much mam. Mean time other HR asked me “You have to take a Pakoda at least". Actually there was pokoda in the table in front of me and HR shared with me. Me: First handshake with male HR and picked one pokoda from plate and again thanked them. HR: One more thing. Please nut the tie properly while next time) (Actually my tie was loose. I could not get any time to size my tie) Me: I smiled and thanked again to both of them and left the place We waited around 2 hours after interview at around 8 pm they told all the 26 candidates to go to conference hall. We gathered. They gave the presentations about TCS IT infrastructures. Actually the drive was specially meant for IT infrastructure servies. At last they told that they will send the information about confirmation about our selection through mail. We all left the place. Next day on 2nd Oct at 6 pm I got an email that I have successfully qualified in the selection process and will receive offer letter shortly. My joys had no bounds when I got the mail. It was the happiest moment for me for ever. Please, my friends don't think that when TCS will come you will start studies. You start preparation from today. If you need any help you can send me email. I'm read to help you all the best guys.