Company: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)


Hi friends..I am Geetha from SIT, Tumkur. TCS came to our campus on 1st april. 550 were appered for written test.
350 were short listed for interview,finally 234 were selected. first day ppt and online test.
It consists of three sections

1.verbal–synonyms,antonyms,sentence completion and passage.

3.critiacal reasoninig.

1.verbal section–
most of synonyms and antonyms were from previous papers, go through that perfectly and also practice GRE high
frequency words. sentence completion not a big problem and there was a big passage, you should be very fast in
reading that.

2.aptitude section–
almost all question from previous papers,only data may change.
example: series completion- 8,10,12,17,??,26,22
>348 in base 6
>ORGANISATIONAL, first is interchanged with sec,third with fourth and so on,then which is 10th char from right
>a=10*18*22 which is one is integer a)n/39 b)n//132..
>f(0)=-1,f(1)=1 f(n)=f(n-1)+f(n-2),then f(6)=?
>@represents square and + represents square root whats yhe value of @@+25-++@p
>A is twice efficient as B and A complets work in three forth of time as B, A & B together complets the work in 18
days,hw many days required for A to complete the work.
>problem on venn diagram.
>problem on pie chart.
>finding out eqution of curve
>odd man out:a.linux b.unix c.db d.xp
>HTTP,SMTP,ARQ,SAP and 2 more
>problem on latitude.etc

3.critical reasoning
three paragraph each three questions. all from GRE 12th edition model test paper.
>model test paper 5,section 7,question 1-4
>model test paper 1,section 5,queston 8-11
>model test paper 4,section 6,question 17-21. practice makes man perfect.
out of 550,350 were short listed.interview on 2nd april. for those selected they will give TCS form fill that carefully
dont make any mistakes.wht ever u write in ur resume fill d same in that bcoz they will see both. TCS interviewrs are
very cool and friendly..
I tech interview first and then mr and hr.he was so cool,in d beggining v had a casual talk bcoz to make me
he: good morning geetha
me: good morning sir. casula chat..
he: whats ur subject of interest
me: data structures,DBMS and operating system
he :whats operating system?
me: answered.
he: what all OS u know?
me: XP and Linux.
he: whats d diff b/n linux and unix
me: answered.
he: how c program gets stored in memory?
me: answered
he: whats data structures?
me: answered.
he: whats stack and queue?
me: answered.
he: write any program,if u write u will be in TCS,r u confident?
me: yes sir (with confidence).written to insert element into q and delete from queue and explained. finally he said u
r selected do well in next rounds.
they will check confidence in u.. what ever u tell,tell confidently..
next round in mr
it was so so so cool,v had casual chat.about my name,its meaning,my family background, hobbies,etc.. be specific in
ur hobbies,if u put singing they may ask u to sing,r monoact they ask u to do,cooking they may ask receipe,.they
asked many of us to draw,sing monoact receipe,about rules of outdoor games etc..
finally hr..
there also v had casual talk..but be confident…
there was elimination after each round especially technical. final results was announced on 3rd april.234 were
selected, I was also one of them.
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