Company: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

TCS recruitment procedure basically include 4 rounds:
1) Online Aptitude Test
2) Technical
3) HR
4) MR
But in my case it was a bit different, after clearing the Aptitude test, i had 3 interviews in each of which i had to face
all the three (technical, HR, MR) kind of questions.
I,ll try to separate out the questions into the 3 categories.

Although I am a CSE student, I was questioned mostly on Electronics subjects. So do take care about brushing up
Electronics and Physics also.
01. NAND Gate
02. Ways to connect a computer in India and another in Switzerland (only 1 or 2 won,t do, they wanted wayS)
03. Modulation-Demodulation
04. Working of a modem
05. Program for logic gates
06. Difference between MS Access and Oracle
07. RDBMS product in market
08. Why make queries and use SQL when u have MS Excel
09. Reflection, Refraction, Total Internal Reflection
10. Optical Fibre
11. Bit, byte, kilobyte, memory, etc in c, c++ and Java
12. Microwave

01. Tell me something about urself
02. Why should we hire u?
03. What r ur weaknesses?
04. What is special about today? (Ans.: 3rd March is celebrated as Tata Day(Mr. Jamshed Tata,s B,day))
05. What would u do if u are walking on a highway all alone with no means of communication and you witness an
accident in which a motorcyclist is badly injured? There is no other vehicle to seek help from.
06. Why should we hire you?
07. Tell us about E-Major and E-Minor chords in guitar (my hobby)
08. Speak for 2 minutes on “Americas war on Iraq”
09. Difference between a Joint and Nuclear family
10. Where do u see urself 5yrs dowm the line
11. What would u like to do 24 hrs in a day
12. Why T.C.S.?
13. If microsoft or some other company pays u more than us, u,ll leave us?
14. What would ur reaction be if u do not find ur name on the selection list and wat would u do?
15. What r the 2 changes u would want to make in the TCS recruitment procedure?
16. What 2 improvements would u like to make in urself?
17. Founder of TCS?
A no. of more such questions were asked, these are the major ones. Each interview was of 25-30 minutes
They also take ur STRESS Test. For example, although I have more than 8.5 percentile, he scolded me for bad grades.
He said that it was poor performance and i needed to study properly.
The basic trick is to keep ur cool and a smile on ur face. Pls do not try to fool them, if u dont know something,
accept it then and there.