1. Verbal {32 questions==20 min}
2. Quantitative {38 questions==40 min}
3. Analytical {12 questions==30min}

10 synonym & 10 antonyms were there… some of them I can remember are


(2) AVID

And 2 passages were there. 1st one for fill in the blanks & 2nd one for unseen..

N.B.: My advice is “you may not score good in verbal but quant-section & analytical section is rocking where you can score above cutoff!!”


For quantitative questions, I did most of the recent previous papers and I got everything common all the questions were very easy.. Do practice data interpretation questions from AGGARWAL. Some of the questions that I can remember I have put here.

1) There are two cylinders P & Q. Radius of P is double than that of Q but in case of heights P’s height is half that of Q. So find out ratio of volumes of P to Q.
a) 1:2    b) 2:1    c) 1:1    d) 1:8    e) 8:1

2) What is the addition of even numbers from 30 to 50.
a) 440    b) 465    c) 2240    d) 2265    e) 480

3) A number when multiplied by 1 less than it is 4 less than the square of the number then what is the number?
a) 4   b) 6   c) 3   d) 7   e) 9

4) Mathew sells shoes & boots at her Mathew’s Discount Shoppe. She sold 22 shoes & 16 boots yesterday, bagging 650 $ with her. Today she got 760 $ for selling 8 shoes & 32 boots. So what is the difference between costs of boot & shoe?
a) 5 $   b) -5 $   c) 8 $   d) -8 $   e) 10 $

5) There are 10 chocolate cookies, 8 oatmeal cookies & 6 peanut butter cookies. If sequentially 3 cookies are taken & eaten, find the probability that first one was peanut butter, second one was chocolate & third one was oatmeal cookie.
a) 10/261   b) 10/253   c) 5/253   d) 23/261   e) 48/1214

6) Yesterday I bought a pencil & a notebook for 5 $. Today I needed to buy some pencils & 15 notebooks & I think 93 $ are sufficient. If all the pencils & notebooks cost are integer values, find out how much number of pencils were bought?
a) 26   b) 24   c) 17   d) 14   e) 20

7) If 8a=9b then find out the ratio of a/9 to b/8.
a) 1:1   b) 1:2   c) 2:1   d) 81:64   e) 64:81

8) If we recruit 6 mathematics major ,4 engineering major & 5 management majors in our team then find the probability that a player selected at random from team for a captain is either from mathematics field or management field.
a) 10/15   b) 3/5   c) 11/14   d) 11/15   e) 9/14

9) 6 engineers can do a code in 10 hours working with same efficiency. If 6 engineers start at 11 am till 5 pm & for each hour an engineer is added, when will they finish their coding?
a) 9 pm   b) 8 pm   c) 7 pm   d) 11 pm   e) 7.20 pm

10) How many four digit numbers are possible which do not contain 3 or 6?
a) 3600   b) 3575   c) 3584   d) 4884    e) 4875

11) In a class of 15 students 7 are fluent in Hindi, 8 are fluent in English & 3 are fluent in none of these subjects but history. Then what percentages of students are good at both Hindi & English?
a) 25%   b) 35%   c) 40%   d) 20%   e) 30%

12) In a mixture of 80 liter liquid X & liquid Y are in 1: 9 proportions. If 20 liter of liquid X is poured into this mixture what percentage is of liquid Y in resulting mixture?
a) 28%   b) 68%   c) 72%   d) 22%   e) 30%

13) A salesman has a salary of 1000 $/month & incentive of 7.5% of the items above 50 items. In September he sold 210 items each of 150 $, then what is his approximate income for that month?
a) 2000$   b) 1000$   c) 3000$   d) 2800$   e) 1800$

14) If 3 cards are taken out sequentially from well shuffled pack of cards, find the probability that they come in the order spade, diamond & black.
a) 169/1020   b) 169/10200   c) 2197/10200  d) 219/10200  e) 13/10200

In addition to these questions some of the data sufficiency questions were also there but they were peanuts. You can easily solve them.


Do practice questions from GRE BARRON’S 13th edition as well as from earlier editions. Do solve all the passages having 4 or more than 4 questions. Avoid passages having 1-3 questions… all questions are common from BARRON’S. Otherwise you can try out for Career forum, Career launcher, IMS material they also guide well. I could remember 2 out of three puzzles for you.

Puzzle 1:

There are some chocolates to be packed into two types of boxes either X or Y. There are jellies, sourballs, licorice, peppermint, nougat, rock belly, toffee to be packed in all. There are some conditions that are necessary to be satisfied while packing all the boxes is that, jelly should be in X box only, licorice must be in Y box only, sourballs should not be packed in the same box containing either licorice or peppermint & always make sure that nougat & toffee are placed always in the same box. THEN,

1) If toffee is packed in X box, what combination would be satisfied for Y box contents?
a) Jelly, rock belly, licorice
b) Licorice, sourballs, nougat
c) Nougat, peppermint, jelly
d) Licorice, nougat, peppermint
e) Rock belly, licorice, peppermint

2) If peppermint is packed in Y box which combination is that it is packed in X box?
a) Nougat, toffee, jelly
b) Toffee, sourballs, peppermint
c) Peppermint, jelly, sourballs
d) Nougat, toffee, licorice
e) None of these

3) If peppermint is to be placed in X box, which of the following ingredients may not be packed into any of the boxes?
a) Rock belly
b) Licorice
c) Sourballs
d) Jelly
e) Toffee

Puzzle 2:

In MIRAMAR Hotels they have two wings one is East Wing & other is West wing. In east wing some of the rooms have an ocean view & all the rooms on west wing has harbor view. There is an extra charge for harbor view rooms on & above third floor. There is an extra charge for ocean view rooms with balcony. Some harbor view rooms on first & second floor as well as some east wing rooms without ocean view are provided with kitchen facility & are charged extra for that also.

1) Which of the following can cause no extra charge for the customers?
a) Some ocean view rooms without balcony
b) Some east wing rooms without ocean view
c) West wing rooms below third floor
d) All west wing rooms without kitchen facility
e) All east wing rooms without ocean view
(There were also some more questions 2 more but I really not remind them.)

On 28th aptitude happened 90 appeared & 18 cleared.

On the same day interview started from 2 pm, 9 panels were there. Electronics & Telecommunication, CSE, IT interviews started at the same time in parallel.
My technical interview started from 2.00pm to approx 2.40pm. HR interview started from 3.10 pm to 3.25 pm. MR interview lasted for 20 minutes thereafter. At 8 pm they declared the result & I was selected!
15 out of 18 were selected.


1) Do not get disheartened by frustrating verbal section, do not worry there is no sectional cutoff.
2) Don’t worry about the passages.
3) You can switch to any question in that particular section using hyperlinks, but you cannot switch to questions from another section.
4) You cannot gain time by finishing a section within predefined time, extra time is not added to the next section preceding it.

TCS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 24th-January-2011

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Tata Consultancy Services is an Indian multinational information technology services and consulting company, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra and largest campus and workforce in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Founded: 1 April 1968
Headquarter: Mumbai
Founders: Faquir Chand Kohli, Tata Sons, J. R. D. Tata

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