I prepared a lot, downloaded almost 100 papers frm net.read the total site of tcs.
On 5th Oct,
For hr round I went there at 9:30,but they have started the intrw at 3:30 and I was out 4:45 with a happy face,for 15 minutes I was not me.so happy for those 15 minutes.i ve tasted the results of hardwork,planning,sincerity and Creativity.


1. Tell me briefly abt urself with resume details also.
A. my educational details, family details ,my habbits are playing cricket and chess, writing poems, listening to music.

2.What type of music.
A. Modernized classical songs, A.R.Rahman, Ilayaraja melodies.

What do u know abt tcs
I said tcs is the one of leading CMM level 5 company in asia,which has 500 branches around the world in 35 countries,its aim is tobecome top10 in the world within 2010.the awards it has got in 2004,2005.i said a lot abt it.he was surprised(whenever ur busy in answering,he writes sth in small paper,and again asks).

What is CMM level 5
It is Capability maturity model sir,After checking the Software developing process,it is given to the company sir

Do u know any projects done by tcs
I said Up housing corporation project, Computerisation of Tamilnadu’s municipalities,egovernance that is “aponline is the main project done by the tcs sir.which is very helpful in paying the bills frm anywhere”

Is this ur first intvw

4.why,what r u doing all these 4 months.didn’t u apply .
A.i have applied sir,but I didn’t get any call letters.

5.What do u think the reason behind that.
A.All companies in Bangalore recruiting people who have more than 70% and that might be the reason sir.

6.y so less % in ur engg.
A.In only one sem I got less %.becoz of that my aggreagate went below 70 sir.

7.What is ur aggregate in engg.

8.Your class first %

9.So where do u stand in ur classs
A.Sir depending on percentages it may be around 15or 16th place,but I am the third person who have no backlogs at all in my class.

10.What is ur aim
A. To become project leader within 5 years.

11. Why do u want to join TCS.
A. Actually my objective is to achieve my goal on the pillars of Creativity, Sincerity, Planning, Hard work. Tcs shows sincerity towards its employees that’s y I want to join TCS.

12.How do u know Tcs sincerity.
A. When Sept 11th incident was occurred, all the companies including infosys, satyam had removed their staff,but tcs is the one and only one company which has recruited at that moment also,that’s y I want to join tcs.

13.Is there any incidence in which u ve applied ur creativity.
A. Many r there sir, anyone telll me now,when I was in third yr for January first I wrote a poem,in which one who is electronic based guy Mr. David falls in love and if he writes a love letter,this I have taken as subject and wrote love letter ,shall I explain sir,he said yes, Mr.David feels himself as diode and his lover as also other diode.”I am a diode and u r another diode,lets meet together to become a transistor and improve our ic family and be placed in a hot pcb”.He smiled.

14.if v send u to ASSAM will u work there.
A. Sir working in TCS itself a great pleasure, Not only Assam even I am ready to work in PAKISTAN.He smiled and said thn be ready man last year itself v have opened a new branch there.

15.How many boys and gals r there in ur class
A.20 g’s and 25 b’s.

16.How many members have got job.
A.seven members sir,

17.what r the companies they ve got
A.I said the Guru-Accenture, Pari-Accord, Raghu-Ge, Swathi-Ness, Pradeep-CGI.

18.Is there any TCS employee u know.
A.s,my seniors r working ,so y didn’t u mention their names in the form, I don’t know them.but our seniors have a yahoogroup through that v exchanged information .whatz the group name, I said vintellects

19.Any group activities
A.S,sir.As one of Senior Nss volunteer, v have organized one Aids rally in the surrounding two villages of our college.and when I was in third year one National wide seminar on “Image Processing”was organized by our ece department .

20.NSS,whats tht
A.National Social Service, explained a bit

21.Any questions,
A. Learning more programming languages is it essential sir to get job in s/w field. he said, “no,Mr.subash,one structured language, one object oriented language,one database, one operating system linux, unix,that’s enough”.
B. Anymore questions, I asked “sir,on which project u r currently working now”, he said I am panel member, I ll interact bn highlevel as well as lowlevel mgt.
C. And finally,I asked sir is there any faults in my exposure,he said “in intws they should not be discussed anyhow u get to know the result”.
D. Thank you sir,

TCS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 24th-January-2011

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