Well guys !!!TCS recruited perhaps the highest number of students from our college i.e KIIT and the figure is 310 to be precise..Around 500 had qualified for the interview (HR and Tech combined) from 550 who were allowed to write the written test. And not to mention I was one of the lot. Thanks to all the papers uploaded on this site by numerous people .I am not uploading my written test paper because all the questions were same .But u must be cautious while reading as they have changed the values .They have prepared a same set of questions with values changed and the same questions are being given all over india.So my suggestion for the written are simple. Just solve 2-3 papers uploaded  on this site  and i believe  u will be through  the written test. For  L.R section  just go through barron’s 12th edition  .Same for the comprehension

Now comes the P.I. part. Luckily I had H.R and tech combined .In case u don’t no need to worry ..Just go through the basics of whatever fav subjects u r going to mention.U never no which panel u would get. In some panel they would only H.R and in some other only Tech. So it all depends.They may not ask u form ur fav subjects and at the same time they may ask about NEWTON’s laws of motion, gauss law ,faraday law etc.So u see u need to know abt the basics and some indepth knowledge  abt ur fav. subjects.It may happen that they may not ask for for ur subjects.It depends…..
So I am only going to tell u abt my interview experience I gave my P.I to a lady and don’t take her for granted ….

Lady:: so tell me abt urself which is not  mentioned in ur resume.
me:: told abt my hostel life
Lady:: so what is the best part of hostel life?
me:: told something abt unity,to adapt
Lady: :if someone does a wrong thing( in a workplace) what would u do
me:: told
lady:: draw the architecture of 8085 mp
me:: did and explained too(u should)
lady: diff between c nd c++
me:: told
lady:: diff between linux and windows( i had done a project on linux)
me: :told
lady:: some more questions abt my project
lady:: name first 10 elements of periodic table(where did this come from)
me: could tell only first five but told sorry
lady:: tell me newton’s first law and 2nd law
me: :told both
lady:: who is the CEO of TCS
me:: mr s rama dorai
lady:: what do u know abt TCS
me:: told what i had gathered frm  net(u must listen at the presentation)
lady::: some questions on hobbies what do u generally blog abt
me: :told
lady:: are u on orkut
me:: yes mam
lady:: how many hrs do u spent on orkut
me:: defended myself by saying that i visit only when any notification abt new scraps come into my mail
lady:: seems satisfied
lady:: u can ask any question
me :: asked abt recession
end of the interview

One sincere advice to all of u  . You must know each and everything u mention on ur resume .Speak well and support with examples. don’ have a rigid stance .Brush up ur fundamentals I am frm ETC department so people from my department need to know simple programs in c and concepts of c++. thats it  from  myself   Best  of luck . Remenber TCS is not the end .

TCS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 24th-January-2011

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