401. Same model as 4th question. But it is on flat surface. Formula is same 2xy/(x+y).

402. Six friends go to pizza corner there r 2 types of pizzas. And six different flavors r there they have to select 2 flavors from 6 flavors. In how many ways we can select?
Ans: 6C2

403. 3, 15, x, 51, 53,159,161. Find X
Ans: 17

404. 3 friends A, B, C went for week end party to McDonald’s restaurant and there they measure there weights in some order IN 7 rounds. A;B;C;AB;BC;AC;ABC. Final round measure is 155 kg then find the average weight of all the 7 rounds?
Ans: 4(155)/7=31

405. There is a toy train that can make 10 musical sounds. It makes 2 musical sounds after being defective. What is the probability that same musical sound would be produced 5 times consecutively? (1 of )?
Answer: 1/2 * 1/2 * 1/2 * 1/2 * 1/2 = 1/32

406. (There was a long story, I’ll cut short it). There are 5 materials to make a perfume: Lilac, Balsamic, Lemon, and Woody and MI mosaic. To make a perfume that is in demand the following conditions are to be followed: Lilac and Balsamic go together. Woody and MI mosaic go together; Woody and Balsamic never go together. Lemon can be added with any material. (Actually they had also mentioned how much amount of one can be added with how much quantity of the other; but that’s not needed for the question.) All of the following combinations are possible to make a perfume except:
1) Balsamic and Lilac
2) Woody and Lemon
3) MI mosaic and Woody
4) MI mosaic and Lilac

407. A triangle is made from a rope. The sides of the triangle are A cm, B cm and C cm (I do not remember the numerical value). What will be the area of the square made from the same rope?
Ans: ((A+B+C)/4)2

408. What is the distance of the z-intercept from the x-intercept in the equation ax+by+cz=d (I do not remember the values of a, b, c, d).
Ans: sqrt ((d/a) 2+ (d/c) 2)

409. A scientist in Antarctic region conducts research on bears came to know that bears changes according to the location .once he moves 1 mile towards north, then he moves 2 miles towards east, then 1 mile towards south. Now the color of bear he found will be in:
Ans: white

410. (1/3) of a number is 3 times more than the (1/6) of the same number?  
Ans is 18

411. There are 11 boys in a family. Youngest child is a boy. What is the probability of all are boys?
a) 2      b) 2!     C) 2048           d) 1024 

412. A boy bought a roll A of 56 inches wide and 141 yards long. He also bought B of 77 inches wide of length 333yards. We don’t want any details of B. Some irrelevant matter. Final question is Time taken for cutting A into 1 yard piece is 2 seconds. Time taken to cut into 141 pieces of 1 yard each is?
Ans is 2(141) =242

413. A Person buys a horse for 15 ponds, after one year he sells it for 20 pounds. After one year, again he buys the same horse at 30 pounds and sells it for 40 pounds. What is the profit for that person?
Ans is 15 pounds

414. John buys a cycle for 31 dollars and given a cheque of amount 35 dollars. Shop Keeper exchanged the cheque with his neighbor and gave change to John. After 2 days, it is known that cheque is bounced. Shop keeper paid the amount to his neighbor. The cost price of cycle is 19 dollars. What is the profit/loss for shop keeper?
Ans is 23(cost price + change given).

415. In a family there are some boys and girls. All boys told that they are having equal no of brothers and sisters and girls told that they are having twice the no. of brothers than sisters. How many boys and girls present in a family?
Ans is 4 boys and 3 girls 

416. There are certain number of hats and gloves in a box. They are of 41 red, 23 green, 11 orange. Power gone. But a woman can differentiate between hats and gloves.How many draws are required to obtain a pair of each color.

417. There is a die with 10 faces. It is not known that fair or not. 2 captains want to toss die for batting selection. What is the possible solution among the following?
a) If no. is odd it is head, if no. is even it is tail
b) If no. is odd it is tail, if no. is even it is head
c) Toss a die until all the 10 digits appear on top face. And if first no. in the sequence is odd then consider it as tail. If it is even consider it as head.
I didn’t remembered last option and I don’t know answer.

418. 2 years ago of A is x times that of B. 3 Years hence the age of A is 4/3 times of B. What is the present age of B in binary form?
I didn’t remember the exact values of x and y. You can solve easily.

419. metal strip of width ‘x’ cm. 2 metal strips are placed one over the other, then the combine length of 2 strips is ‘y’. If ‘z’ strips are placed in that manner. What is the final width of that arrangement?
Ans is (z-1) (y-x) +x.

420. There are 100 men and 100 women on the dance floor. They want to dance with each other. Then which of the following statements is always true:
a) There are 2 men who danced with equal no. of women’s
b) There are 2 women who danced with equal no. of men

421. A game is played between 2 players and one player is declared as winner. All the winners from first round are played in second round. All the winners from second round are played in third round and so on. If 8 rounds are played to declare only one player as winner, how many players are played in first round
Ans is 28.

422. There are 3 boys A, B, C and 2 Girls D, E. D always sit right to A. Girls never sit in extreme positions and in the middle position. C always sits in the extreme positions. Who is sitting immediate right to E?
Ans is B or C

423. 49 members attended the party. In that 22 are males, 17 are females. The shake hands between males, females, male and female. Total 12 people given shake hands. How many such kinds of such shake hands are possible?
Ans is 12C2

424. There are 1000 pillars for a temple. 3 friends Linda, Chelsey, Juli visited that temple. (Some unrelated stuff) Linda is taller than Chelsea and taller than 2 of 1000 pillars. Julia is shorter than Linda. Find the correct sentence?
a) Linda is shorter among them
b) Chelsea is taller than Julia
c) Chelsea is shorter than Julia
d) Cannot determine who is taller among Chelsea and Julia 
Ans: d

425. Entry ticket to an exhibition ranges from 1p to 31p. You need to provide exact change at the counter. You have 31p coin. In how many parts will u divide 31p so that u will provide the exact change required and carry as less coins as possible?
a) 22   b) 31   c) 6   d) 32
Ans is 6

426 There are 2 friends Peter and Paul. Peter age is twice as old as Paul when peter was as old as Paul is now. Sum of the present ages of Peter and Paul is 35.What is the present age of Peter?
Ans is 20

427. Two tanks A and B. A fills 1 ltr/1 hour B fills 10, 20, 30 per hour. If this is (passage unnecessary). If 1/4th tank of B takes 15 hours to fill how much it time will to take to fill complete tank? 

428. Out of 7 children the youngest is boy then find the probability that all the remaining children are boys
Ans: 1/2^6 = 1/64

429. The three sides of a triangle are given. 16, 14, 21 cms and this triangle is conveted into a square. So what will be the area of the square generated?

Ans:(14+16+21)/4. Then you will get the 1 side of a square and now find the area of a square.ie, side^2

430. An equation of the form 4x+6y-2z=32 . Find the difference between x intercept and z intercept?Ans: x/a+y/b+z/c=

431. A Toy train can make 10 sounds sound changes after every 4 mins, now train is defective and can make only 2 sounds. Find probability that same sound is repeated 5 times consecutively (1 out of)?
Ans: 1/32

432. 20men and 20 women are there, they dance with each other, is there possibilty that 2 men are dancing with same women and vice versa.
Ans: Never

433. 10 people are there, they are shaking hands together, how many hand shakes possible, if they are in  no pair of cyclic sequence.

434. In school there are some bicycles and 4wheeler wagons. One Tuesday there are 234 wheels in the campus. How many bicycles are there?
Ans: Go with options. Multiply each option with 2 and subtact the obtained no from 234. If it is exactly divisible by 4, that is the answer.

435. A father has 7 penny’s with him and 1 water melon is for 1p, 2 chickoos for 1p, 3 grapes foe 1p. He has three sons. How can he share the friuts equally?
Ans: 1 watermelon, 2chickoos, 1grape

436. A piza shop made pizzas with to flavours. In home there are ‘9’ different flavors, in that ‘2’ flavors are taken to made piza   in  how many ways they can arrange?
(Logic: NcM, N= 9, M=2 ) 

437. One organization, material, labor and maintenance are in the ratio of 4:6:7, if the material cost is: 272, what is the total cost?
Ans: 4x=272 => x=68; now total cost = 272 + 6(68)+7(68).

438. 4 years before Paul’s age is 3times the Alice age and the present age of Paul is 6times the Alice. What is the presents Paul’s age?
Ans: x-4 = 3(y-4); x=6y: Solve you will get it.

439. In a question, last part has, the ages of two people has the ratio of 6:5 and by adding the numbers we get 55, after how many years the ratio would be 8:7?
Ans: Easy you can do it, simple equtions

440.  In a room (unwanted stuff) Sports readers, 10 tables, 4 chairs per table, each table has different number of people then how many tables will left without at least one person?
Ans : 6

441. Passage joe is taller than jerry and 3 pillers. kistern  is shorter than joe and 2 pillers is jerry shorter/taller than kistern ?

442. a volume of A are having in a container of sphere. how many semi hemispheres of  B volume each will be required to transfer all the A in to semi hemispheres?
Ans: A= x B

443. Question based on V=I*R but in dis question most of data given are ridiculas like volume, density, length, height similar long story are given

444. Peter and Paul are two friends. The sum of their ages is 42 years. Peter is twice as old as Paul was when Peter was as old as Paul is now. What is the present age of Peter?

445. A horse chases a pony 2 hours after the pony runs. Horse takes 4 hours to reach the pony. If the average speed of the horse is 81 kmph, what s the average speed of the pony? (This question was really long with loads of irrelevant statement)

446. Difference between two numbers is 4 and their product is 17. Then find the sum of their squers? 

447.  A, B, C, D, E are there among A, B, C are boys and D, E are girls D is to the left of A and no girl sits at the middle and at the extemes. Then what is the order of their sittings.

448. Some ages problem, then asked the answer in binary

449. (Some chetta chikkati solutions) unwanted data folowed by  a formula diameter d = 10*(t-14), t>14 then what id diameter after t=40?

450. Some denominations question like you have 31 paise, and ticket cost is between 1 to 31, you have to give the exact denominations for the ticket. Find all the no. of possible denominations you may prdict and you must be left wid atleast few paise? 

451. Direction problems. A man goes 50 km North, then turned left walked 40 km, then turned right? In which direction is he in?
Ans: North 

TCS Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern: 24th-January-2011

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Tata Consultancy Services is an Indian multinational information technology services and consulting company, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra and largest campus and workforce in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Founded: 1 April 1968
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