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Tech Mahindra Ltd Placement Paper

Company: Tech Mahindra Ltd

Hi,guys I’m Sudipto from Techno India college.MBT came to our college at 12th march for on campusing.There were three modes of selection thru which i have to go.

2.Technical Interview
3.HR Interview.

There were 5 sections in the apti test.The apti test was on-line.The total time was 1hr.

1st part – quanti
2nd part – non verbal &logical reasoning
3rd part – english grammer
4th part – english antonyms & synonyms
5th part – english reading comprehension

In quanti section there were lots of puzzle.Go thru R.S.agarwal puzzle test it will b sufcnt.In non-verbal section there were problems from the 12 hr time format,three or 4 consecutive times were given u have to find out the next one.There was also no. series& some no. puzzles from shakuntala devi also.The english section was damn easy u dont have to worry about that.The main thing u have to look after is the time.Dont let it to run out otherwise u will be out. Overall the paper was not too tough.

After the written test the result was out within 1/2 an hour & I was selected.Then I had to fill up a form & I moved to the tech. round.Fortunately or unfortunately there were 2 persons in my pannel ,where max. of my friend move to pannels where there was 1 person. the qs are as follows–

1>give me ur intro.
2>how many types of data type r there?
3>fact with recursion.
4> 1array pgrm.
5>diff btwn struct & union.
6>how a pgrm get executed.
7>call by value & call by rfrns.

then they asked me some HR where i want my posting.After that they told me that u r selected 4 the HR round. After that I was called 4 HR interview.At first the person asked me 4 my intro.then my hobbies,strength,weakness,achievment.

In 13th march the result was out & I was selected.Thats all guys I was selected by MBT, but u will be surprise to know that i was out from wipro & cts in the HR round.So guys believe in GOD& in ur potential I m sure u can make diff.WISH U ALL THE BEST.

Tech Mahindra Ltd Placement Paper

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