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Tech Mahindra Ltd Placement Paper

Company: Tech Mahindra Ltd

Hi guyz,

I m currently in 6th sem of IT engg. Just yesterday (13.03.2007) i got placed in Tech Mahindra(MBT) and thought i wud share my xperiences wid u, since i myself got a few tips after reading other candidate xperiences on

This time the company is offering a package of 2.9/annum. They also help their employees do post-graduation, but i dont hv the details of this. Now let me describe u the entire selection process as i xperinced it:

Aptitude test
The test duration was 1 hr, consisted of 75 Qs, 5 sections ( 3 english, 1 maths & 1 logic). It was not an online test. The english sections were damn easy and i managed to complete all 3 sections in 20 min. The maths & logic were a bit tough and not much was there frm R.S. Agrawal and dat was quite shocking for most of us. There were sectional cut-offs & no -ve marking.

The logic section consisted of questns like time series (12.30, 3.01,5.45, —), no. series, alphabets and nos combined series etc. The most common & time consuming questions were like: A,B,C,D,E,F stay in a bldg. A lives above D, F lives bet B & E etc. then find who lives bet A & F.

Another eg: Train starts wid x no of passenger, 1/3rd get down at first station and 120 get in, 3/4th get down at 2nd statn & 78 get in, the no of passengers in the train at last station is 240. Find the initial no of passengers dat the train started wid.

Maths section consisted of sum very easy qustns (like: wen a no is divided by 4 it is reduced by 21, find the no) and sum xtremely tough ones. I just went on solving the questions dat i found easy and den tackled the tough ones 2wards the end.

My advice: Dont rely on only R.S. Agrawal as many of us tend to do. Since most of the companies know dat students refer dis book dey r sure to put sum diffrent kinda questns. B ready for that. Dont practice 2 much of English, u will neway find it easy. And most imp. dont think ur paper wud b of the same pattern as mine, it may b, it may not b, coz mine was quite different frm most of the cmpany papers dat i saw on Another thing, der will b 5 diffrnt papers, so all wont get the same paper. Keep this in mind if u plan to copy! I didnt copy and it is better not to do so coz it leads 2 time wastage and u might mark sum wrong answrs.

Sum of us like me had our technical first while others had HR. I was asked 4-5 tech qustn frm which i knew only 3, and i confidently said no to the other 2 questn, but the ones dat i knew i answred clearly & correctly. I was also asked to describe the college proj i had mentioned in my resume. So b thorough wid ur proj and dont put it in ur resume if u copied it frm sumwhere and have no idea wat it does.

No programs were asked. The quetn i was asked were: 1) HDLC cycle – i told only full form of hdlc and said i dont know about the cycle. 2)C++ features over C – answrd correctly 3) 3rd normal form – i said no, nvr heard of it 4) describe 2 Software development models – answrd correctly.

HR was a cakewalk. I was asked TEll me about urself. My strengths, weaknesses, and any 2 things i liked about MBT. Some of my frnds who had their HR first were asked a bit diffrnt questns like: A stick was shown and my frnd was asked to write 15 diffrnt uses for it.

My advice for Technical & HR: B confident and say no if u dont know the ans 2 sum questn, dont try 2 bluff ur way thru it, b honest

All da bst guyz, i hope to c ya at Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra Ltd Placement Paper

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