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Tech Mahindra Ltd Placement Paper & Interview

Company: Tech Mahindra Ltd

Hi frnds, i m Arpit Rathee from University Institute of Information Technology(UIIT), Shimla. TechM came to our college on 19th March for on-campus. I was 1 of the 19 who got placed in it. A total of 35 appeared, out of which 23 were selected for tech. intv and finally 19 got placed in it. Its a memorable experience of my life.

They came to our institute at 10:30am, they showed us a nice video which consisted the info about the company, their domain of work, infras. of pune capus, tools that they work on, package of 2.9 pa for B.Tech and 3.2 pa for M.Tech. After this they asked us, if u wanna ask any que. One of us asked about Why Tech.M changed name from MBT to Tech.M. and some more like that. After the presentation they asked us fill a form which consisted of info. like academic %age, languages u know, family background, your goal. The form consisted of the login IDs with which we have to login into our online test. They also told us that they have bond of 2yrs.

The online test was a different experience to us all. It consisted of 5 sections and a total of 75 que.

One was of Aptitude

One was of Logical

Three were of English

Aptitude was a bit tough. But i continued with the ones which i could solve easily. The time was biggest constraint into this. Some puzzles were tough and some were easy. RS Agg. was more than enough. Que were from time & work, SI, streams. We were provided with rough sheets to do the calc. On the whole it was not tough.

Logical was the one which i found difficult. Some que were with figures, and numbers were inserted into it and we were asked to find the missing. Some series related to time were given. These were really tough. This section was tough.

English was the most easiest to solve. Que related to fill the blank with appropriate word and tense, prepositions, 3-4 synonyms. This section could be done with any avg student.

I took 40 min to do the first 2 sections and the remaining 20 min to do the 3 english sections. However if u get stressed easily then u must begin with english sections, as these are easy and less time consuming followed by apti and then logical. But i will advise u to begin with apti. Concentrate well into the test and dont look here & there. And keep a watch on the time. There was no -ve marking, so do mark all the answers.

After 1/2 hr our result was out and I was one of those who cleared written.

Then we were started with tech. intv at 3:30pm. My turn came at around 5 pm. I was feeling jittery before the intv. Finally, i went in. I was asked a little of tech and more of HR. That was a real surprise to me. Que like describe yurself, family background, prog. language u are comfortable with. After 1 hr my result came and i was through. Finally I was asked for my HR intv at around 8:30 pm. Here it goes:

I opened the door and asked may i come in sir. Then i went in and to my surprise the interviewer stood and shaked hand with me and introduced himself. [Here is the tip, shake hand firmly with a little smile and remember to introduce yoursely].

HR: Tell me about yourself

me: I described about my career record, interests and hobbies. [ Dont show your nervousness. Ofcourse everyone feels nervous. And tryin speak fluently by looking into his eyes].

HR: Choose a topic yourself and speak on it for 1 min

me: I choose pollution, as this was the one asked before and got prepared with some points beforehand. I spoke on it for 1 and 1/2 min.

HR: Do u think is it right to have bond

me: I said yes and explained to him that the company need to meet out the expenses which it incurred on him for his training. Otherwise the person after gaining required experience leaves the organisation.

HR: Why the bond is not for 10 yrs

me: I said that the expenses incurred are meeted out by the company and also an employee wants some freedom. He shouldn’t be bound to one company for 10 yrs.

After this he said ok and said if i have any ques. I said no and went out.

Finally the long wait was over and our result was out at 12:30 in the night. I was just waiting to be called as all my friends got into and thanx to god my name was called. That was a good experience.

I would like to thanx all the guys who shared their experiences on as i learned a lot from this site. Please guys continue to mail your experiences on this site, it really helps. And all the guys who haven’t got placed i would just like to say: continue with your efforts and u will be paid with it one day. Don’t fall back by one defeat since this is one of the many phases that life offers. Trying remain Happy since this is the greatest thing that exists in this world.

Tech Mahindra Ltd Placement Paper & Interview

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