Tech Mahindra Ltd
Tech Mahindra Ltd

Company: Tech Mahindra Ltd

The procedure was
(1) Online test (or written)
(2) Technical Interview
(3) HR

1.)Online test:
the test was simple, there were 85 questions to be attempted in 1 hr. 3 sections on english(comprehension,fill in the blanks,synonyms) and 2 quantative sections. I completed 2 sections of english first and then two quantative and then the remaining one of english .This strategy worked because english was less time consuming and scoring, and there were no individual cutoffs-cutoffs were there but 3 english sections had cutoff together and two of quant. taken together. There were questions on venn,puzzles,odd man out series,speed and distance, time and work. The test was simple.
no negative marking.

2.)Technical Interview :
Questions on c#,dbms,subjects of interest that u mention in ur resume,last semester subjects. it is better to let them know wat u know better instead of being dumb. some questions such as describing myself,views about post graduation,etc were asked.

3.) HR:
questions such as describing myself,views about post graduation,etc.very few eliminations were there. i was selected.
just be what u are and be confident.

all the best.

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