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Tech Mahindra Ltd

Tech Mahindra Ltd Placement Paper

Company: Tech Mahindra Ltd


hi friends im mahesh kumar,i got placed in tech mahindra last week…

their selection procedure consists of 3 rounds.

1.Online aptitude test

the test is very simple. just go through r.s aggarwal rhen it is very easy to clear the logic sections,there are mainly 5 sections.2 from logics,2 from English verbal,and 1 comprehension section. the English section is also very simple. it s just to check our grammar skill.

2.Tech interview

the tech mahinra team mainly looked for cs cse students prepare well in c,c++,dbms,os.the tech interview is not so tough.prepare well and answer with full confidence.if u dont know the answer be confident an tell them that u dnt know the bold in the tech interview lasted for 35mins..they askedme frm c,c++ etc..then he told me fat he is not confident to select me to hr round and told me to try next time…..this is just to check how we face critical situations.i was able to overcome this tricky situations by giving confident answers.finally i got selection to HR round.

3.HR interview

in my hr interview the interviewer told me to give self introduction,and then he started asking me tech questions 20-25 qatns frm c,os,dbms,communication etc…with gods grace i was able to answer all.the he forwarded me to another room.there another HR interviewer told me give self introduction and then tell an essay abt kerala tourism in 5mins.then he asked me what i know abt tech mahindra.then he asked me whether i am ready to work in tech mahindra..thats all guys…

the results came at 5pm.with gods grace among 700 students who wrote aptitude test finally around 55 got placed and i ws 1 amng guys be confident n interviews..prepare well….

all the best.

Tech Mahindra Ltd Placement Paper

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