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the test comprised of 6 sections as…..
1. Non-Verbal Reasoning (10 ques):
Q1)  2,6,12,20,32,_
a) 42   b) 46    c)52     d)48
ans: 46
Q2) 3,323,3663,36663. which doesn’t belongs to the series?
a) 3    b) 323    c) 3663    d) series is correct.
ans: 323(all other are divisible by 3)
Q3) & Q4) two questions on mirror images?
Q5) pig:sty::aeroplane:
a) airport
Q6)find odd man out:
parrot, sparrow, kiwi, dove
ans: kiwi(all others can fly high)
Q7)find odd man out:
hawaii,  lakshadweep, paris,  java
ans: paris(others are islands)
Q8,9,10) they were based on the alphabetical analogy like
SECTION 2: Verbal Reasoning (12 QUES)
This section consisted of the questions on critical reasoning, blood relation, few analogies, 2-3 synonyms and antonyms.
SECTION 3:-Numerical Aptitude (12 QUES)
Q1)A deposits Rs. 5000 for six months and B deposited Rs. 6000 for 5 months. what will be the ratio of their profits?
a) 3:2  b)1:1   C)2:1    d)1:2
Q2) A and B deposited Rs. 4000 and 2000 for 6 months and 12 months resp. wat will be profit of B?
Q3) A,B,C divided their profit in the ratio 5:3:4. if the total profit for year was Rs. 1200 wat will b the share of B?
a) 400   b)500  c)300   d)200.
Q4)A complets a race in 4min20sec. B completes same distance of 2km in 4min34sec. wat more distance can A travel in the meanwhile?
failed to solve…..
similar kinds of question based on the topics of:
1. ages
2. time and distance.
3. time and work.
4. allegation and mixture (MOST IMP)
5. pipes ans cistrens.
6. stocks and shares.
7. simple and compound interest
8. problems on trains.
9. problems on boats.
even if u are solving the solved question s of
R.S.Aggrawal… it will be more than sufficient….
they wont ask too tricky questions as time alloted is pretty less.
consisted of various short passage and 4-5 questions were asked on each passage.
simplest of all hence should start first.. even the officials of tch mah. will tell u to start from this section only in their ppt.
u should complete this section in 10-12 min so that u will get lot of  time to devote to other sections.
passages were simple as in 10th -12th.
this section mainly consist of fill in the blanks type ques were u were asked to fill correct preposition, verb, phrase, etc
for eg
Q1) the meeting was presided _____ the prime minister.
a) by    b)over   C) upon    d)at
Q2)he said exactly _____i was expecting.
A) as  b)which    c) like  d)that
Q3)gave few sentences and asked them to arrange in proper order.
Q4,5) same as above. (these question consumes time as we hav to consider all the given 5-6 sentence and then arrange them
in proper order)
similar kind of question were their in this section.
it went same as above with few extra questions of analogies, synonyms and antonyms.
can be solved in 5-7 minutes if u have good English
Preparation from R.S. Aggrawal (QUANTI and Reasoning) is sufficient to crack the APTI.
u just need to be quick in your calculations.