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Tech Mahindra Ltd Placement Paper & Interview

Company: Tech Mahindra Ltd

I am Indradeep,…..recently I have been recruited from NIT Kolkata by Tech Mahindra(MBT),I am a third year electrical engg student and as you know it’s a tough competition for us to enter the IT industry. I am trying to narrate my experience during the process which can give u a fair idea of the selection process

i) Initial screening(60% in 10th ,12th and B-Tech)
ii) Aptitude Test(74 cleared this test)
iii) Technical Interview(52 cleared the technical round)
iv) HR Interview.(39 people got through the HR round)


It consisted of 5 sections each with atleast 10 questions while one or two sections contained 20 questions.There were altogether 75 questions which u have to answer in 1 hr only(remember time is very very imp in this round).The sections were:

a) Verbal reasoning and analytical

b) Non verbal reasoning and analytical

c) MCQ-questions based on English grammar(very easy)

d) English comprehension…( Do it at last..coz it consumes time)

e)…..something related to puzzles(easy ones)

Through prep from RS Aggarwal(verbal,non-verbal,quantitave) is enough to pass the aptitude test besides having minimum base in english.

Anyway the result was declared within 40 mins and luckily I was selected.

Now m briefing the q-ans session in my technical interview in direct speech.

Technical interview:

Interviewer:T ell me something abt urself

Me: bla bla..

Interviewer: u r from electrical…the y have u done c++???

Me: explained….

Interviewer: wat r the differences between C and C++??

Me: I gave a lecture on that..(lucky 2 get dat opportunity)

Interviewer: wat is an object??

Me: explained…but was cross questioned…answered satisfactorily..

Interviewer: wat is a class??.how does it differ from structure in c??

Me: answered…but cross questioned a no of times…but I explaned property..

Interviewer:. .how do u spend leisure??

Me:. .answred…reading novels…listening music(rock)…..i was asked some q from my fav band…fav song…I answered all with gr888 enthusiasm…

Interviewer: asked q about c programming..wat all prog have u done??..swap two nos without using 3rd variable…

Me: done with ease…

Interviewer: wat is the meaning of ur name???…can u justify the meaning of ur name??r u worth it??

Me: answered..

Interviewer: wat r the phases of a software development life cycle??

Me: answered….(he was impressed with it..coz he didn’t xpect dat from a electrical engg student)…

I was asked some other questions..but easy ones…abt my fav games…my fav sub in +2..weder I like maths n all dat…but ya…thers one thing…I was not asked any q from electrical engg…after the interview was over..he asked me to wait 4 the HR interview..

HR interview:..

Now I was the 1st candidate to be called 4 the HR interview……I must say one thing here….it was really stressful…..watever I said,.the HR interviewer crossed me…n even rebuked me down to dust at the slightest pretext…..this harrassment contd 4 around 15 mins…..wen finally he said me..m not eligible enough 4 MBT…I never got tensed..even with dat remark….through out I kept my cool with a smiling face..n some answers wich though never seemed to impress him…….

Later wen the results were out…to my utter surprise I found my name was the 1st to be announced………friends m saying u here one thing…this kind of interview can happen…these interviews are called negative interview….watever u tell..they will cross u….but never ever lose ur cool or show any temper..or cry in front of them….

Now..friends………all the best to u all…..n hope u will make it soon to MBT (Tech Mahindra)….see u there….bye…

Tech Mahindra Ltd Placement Paper & Interview