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Tech Mahindra Placement Paper & Interview

Company: Tech Mahindra Ltd

Friends, I am Vikram Singh from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar doing B.Tech in the stream of CSE.

Selection Procedure:

1) Written Test
2) Technical Round
3) HR Round

Written Test:

Around 270 peoples attended for written test, total 51 were furthered to technical round den 37 furthered to hr round nd finally 27 are selected.
– Online test consist of two parts
– Aptitude (easy time mgmt nedded)
– English (very easy)
– NO NEGATIVE marking

Aptitude consists of 3 parts comprising of 70 questions to b done in 40 mins (time management needed here)
1. Non verbal reasoning(35 questions)
2. Verbal reasoning(20 questions)
3.Quantitative (15 questions)

RS Aggarwal is sufficient for aptitude but try to do fast and so all questions as there is no negative marking.

Second part is English it has 8 sections and 100 questions to b done in 40 minutes

1. Tenses(10 questions)

2. Articles(10 questions)

3. Verbiage (synonymms 10 questions)

4. Confusing words (similar sound words typ principle/principal etc 10 questions)

5. Reading comprehension(10 questions very easy 1)

6. Subject verb agreement(20 questions do this from cat material or simmilar)

7. Prepositions(20 questions easy one)

8. One more section of 10 questions i cant remember but easy one

English is easy almost all students complete this section in half an hour. Do this from any good English book this is very easy part. Each section has different cut of may b 60% in English and 70% in Aptitude
which can be increased or decreased by Tech Mahindra.

Out of 270 students 51 cleared test, Huge reduction here so b careful. Then interviews –

Technical Interview:

This is for 40-45 min for me:

Interviewer: tell me about your project
me: told projects plus what difficulties i faced

he: tell me about your strengths
me: told
with each strength I told he asked for example
this take 15 -20 min
then he see my resume and certificates n asked few more questions on my hobby
then few puzzles as i was topper in maths.
and then so on hobbies

he: how you rate your communication skills
me: 8-9 out of 10

he: what is client for you
me: told

And few questions to elaborate this and interview end after 45 minutes. It was good exp for me and I have shortlisted for HR. There are few more panels. From few they ask puzzles like water jug problem etc. From few they ask about c/c++, Data Structures, DBMS, subjects u have good marks in your dmc. 37 are shortlisted for HR

HR Round :

HR interview: it went for 20 min for me:
he: why you want to join Tech Mahindra
me: told…..

he: why we select you?
me: told i m technically sound….

he: what are area of interest?
me: told
then ask few question about my fav subject
I told operating system so few quetion on operating system

he: why you not selected in infy(few days before infy come at our college)
me: told……

he: how many times do you lie during a day?
me: told….

he: do you have gf?
me: told….

he: how many times ou lie to her?
me: told……
and few more questions related to this

he: do u want to ask any question?
me: ask few questions…..

Try to ask question this shows your interest in company. From my friends HR asked about movies from some ask to speak for 5 min on some topic from some ask about what you know about Tech Mahindra and so on. 27 are placed in Tech Mahindra try to be natural in interview.

Wish U All the Best dear Friends!!

Tech Mahindra Placement Paper & Interview

About Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is an Indian multinational company that provides information technology and business process outsourcing services. A subsidiary of the Mahindra Group, the company is headquartered in Pune and has its registered office in Mumbai. visit offical website of Tech Mahindra for more details.

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