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Telco Technical and Aptitude Questions | Telco Placement Papers

1. Ratio of speed of camshaft to crankshaft in 4-stroke engine?

(a)1:2 (b)2:1 (c)1:4 (d)4:1

2. to change the dir. of rotation of 3 phase induction moterwe have to change?

3.why we make initially star-connection then delta-connection?

4. H8/f8 shows?

(a)clearence fit (b)shrink fit (c)interference fit

5. centipoise is the unit of?

(a)hardness (b) viscosity

6. brinnel no. is the unit of?

(a)hardness (b) viscosity

7. hardness is?

(a)resistance to deform (b)resistance to machining (c)resistance to abbration

8. moudoulus of elasticity of mild steel?

(a)2.2*(10**6) (b)3*(10**6) (c)2.2*(10**5)

9. co-efficiant of friction for mild steel & cast iron?

(a).3 (b).1 (c).01 (d).5 vechile cluch is used between?

11. in metric thread the angle is?

(a)45 (b)55 (c)30

12. in lathe(lead screw) the thread is used is?

(a)BSW (b)square

13. idler pully is used?

(a)low load,high speed (b)high load low speed

14. in which operation tool rotates and work piece moves linearly?

(a) milling (b)turning

15. broaching is the process of?

(a)finishing hole (b)making hole (c)splines (d)keyway

16. nitriding is?

(a)harden core (b)harden surface (c)soften surface

17. in sumerged arc welding why filler is kept in the molten material? ans-to prevent oxydising the upper surface

18. the thermal efficiency of C.I engine?

(a)ans-around 30% (B)around 15%

19. in C.I engine after compression stroke?

(a)ans-only fule is injected (b)mixture is injected (c)air is injected

20. twist drill is specified by?

(a)flute& dia (b)twist angle&dia

21.the reduction speed ratio of spur gear is?

(a)20:1 (b)2:1 (c)

22. luminious is unit of?
Ans : light

23. carbide tool is used for?

(a)high speed (b)low speed (c)all speed (d) medium speed

24. +ve back rake is used for?

(a)Al (b)mild steel (d)cast iron

25. acid rain occurs due to this exhaust from C.I engine?

(a)sulpher (b)CO

26.which machin is rested support?

(a)milling (b)shaper

27. anmneling is used for?

(a)softening (b)remove stress

28. in cantilever beam if force is increased an non supported end chance of failure is?

(a)anywhere (b)middle (c)near wall side

29. in simple supported beam when force is acting at middle, max. deflection is??

30. surge pump is used in pipe line for??

31. E=2000kg/mm*2, stress=200 kg/cm*2, length l=200mm, dia.=40mm then channge in length=?

32. in two gear system moudle,teeth of one gear,speed of both gear is have to calculate center distance?

33. the thickness of mild steel is given,you have to create a hole(dia. is given,speed of something is given=22m/ have to calculate another speed perhaps cutting speed in rpm.??

34. 3 coplanner fore are ,angle betwwen P & R is 90.P & Q is 120.if Q=20 then.P=?

35. two of same mass.first is inside the water by 1/2 volume other by 2/3 volume.what is ratio of their densities?


Techical paper (M. Tech)

1) Youngs modulus of mild steel 2.2* 10^6kg/cm2

2) rod of dia(given)length(given)subjected to stress(given) and “E”(given). what is increase in length. 0.2cm

3) centipose is unit of……….. viscosity

4) hardness is measured in brinell no.

5) steady rest is used in……. i) milling ii)lathe (2 more option)

Ans : lathe

6) rotating cutter and sliding w/p(process is)

7) maxm deflection of beam supported at two ends and loaded at centre

cantilever beam failure occurs at …… support

9) what type of fit is H9f9

i)interference fit
ii)shrink fit…etc.

10) surface finish is represented by….

iii)rectangle ….none of these

11) broaching is done to produce….

i)internal keyway
ii)splines…(2 more options)

12) twist drill is specified by

i)lip angle,dia
ii)lip angle , material,dia
iii)dia ,shank, material

13) in diesel engine.. injection occurs ..

i)20degree btdc
ii)20 degree atdc
iii)12 degree atdc…

14) in 4-stroke engine ratio of cam shaft and crank shaft rotation i)1:2 ii)2:1 ….etc

15) two gears …one(driving) at 100 rpm and other 300 rpm….driven has m=4 and no. of teeth 60 distance b/w centre is….

16) reduction ratio ofspur gear
i)1:4 ii) 1:20 iii)1:10…..

17) cemented carbide tool is used at….. low , medium , high or all speed

18) hardness signify….resistence to. scratching machining etc

19) coefficient of friction between cast iron and mild steel….
i)0.2 ii) 0.3 ii) 0.001 etc.

20) in SAW arc is struck under flux
i)to prevent oxidation..(3 more options)

21) which test is used for non ferrous material weld… magnetic particle test

22) clutch is located between….. engine and gear box

23) thermal efficiency of diesel engine is….
i)less than 20% ii)less than 30%…etc

24) in CI engine injection takes place … at the end of compression stroke

25) clearence volume(given)…suction volume(given) what is compression ratio.

26) what type of sress is hertz stress.
i)tensile ii) shear iii)contact….

27) two helical spring is arranged in parallel …the stiffness is ans- sum of stiffness

28) 99% tolerance is
Ans : < 3* (sigma) 29) two cube is half submerged and other is 2/3 submerged ?. Ratio of their densities?. Ans : 3:4 30) for ammonia HP per tonn of refrigeration 31) model of pump of 20 HP ?.rotates at 400 rpm (head is 20m) find out speed when head is 60 m( given model dia is ? of original)