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caritor solution

Carritor Placement Paper


Test/Interview Location : MADHURAI
Date of Test/Interview: 20 NOV 2005
Category: FRESHERS

10 men complete work in 6 hrs, 8 men work is equal to 6 women work, 4 women work equal to 2 boy work.. how many boys need to finish in 3 days..

A man walk half of total distance in first day then 1/3 of remaining next day, 2/3 of remaining in third day. 4th day walked 5 miles to reach destination, then what s whole distance?
Ans: 120 miles

Today is Friday, I met him the day before the previous day of the next day of the before yesterday. find that day

A vendor bought dog for Rs. 1, and a cat for Rs. 1.20, a pig for Rs.1.34, He totally purchased 100 animals for 100 Rs. Then find no of each animal.

One family went for a vacation, totally 13 days rained. If rain comes in evening they wont enjoy next day morning & vice versa. 14 days evening & 12 days morning they enjoyed then total days?

6 cats kill 6 rat in 6 minutes.. then how many rats killed by 100 cats in 50 minutes

One boy starts from A and goes in 18 m/h speed to B, stays 30 minutes there and returns back with speed of 50% more than previous speed. Distance between A & B is 27 miles. If he started at 8.00 am from A, what the time of his return to A
Ans : 11.00 am ( forward time-1 hr + return time – 1& 1/2 hr + 30 minutes = 3 hrs )

Ques.. calling a function before declaring
Ans: Error.

Ques like.. Assigning a function address to a function ptr without fn. Declaration
Ans : Error.

Ques like Print(?%d?,printf(?Hai?));
Ans: Hai3

Struct a{
Char c[2];
Int I;
Union u{
Struct a s;
Double d;
Printf(?%d?,Sizeof(union u));
Ans: 8

Int s=5;
Printf(?%d %d %d?, s, s<<2, S>>2);
Ans: 5 20 1

Int a=2,b=3,c;
Ans: 3 (Will print the last element in the brackets)

Int i=5,j=1,k=0;
Printf(?%d %d %d?, i,j,k);

The next round was Group discussion they gave topics such as
1.India super power in 2020
2.Is graduation necessary for politicians.

1.Ram was travailing back from his friend house in his old ambassador. he could only travel along at a steady 30 miles per hr and managed a paltry 20 miles per litere of fuel. at the start of the journey he has placed exactly 10 litre of fuel into a tank. He knew though that the fuel tank lost fuel at the rate of half a liter per hhour. As ram arrived home the car stopped because it had run out of a fuel and h only just made it. How far was his friends house from rams.

2.a large fresh water reservoir has two types of drainage system.6 large pipes and their own can drain the reservoir in 12 hrs.6small pipes can drain the reservoir in 18 hrs. How long will take to drain the reservoir
ans: 7hr 20 min

3.At recent birthday party 4 mothers and children aged 1,2,3,4 .form this u have t find out who is prem mother. And prem age. It was meenas cjhild birthday party. prem is not a oldest child. Lakshmi had priya just over a year ago. Gitas child would be 3 next birtday. Rajesh is older than prem.r ekhas child is the oldest. Kiran is older than the gitas child.
Ans: Mother Gita age 2

4.127 footbal teams in a annual cup shield .At the start of each round the teams are selected in pairs. This pairs then competent against t each other to determine who goes thru to next round. Any spare teams automatically go to the next round. how many games must be played to determine the winner?

5.A husband and wife has a combined age of 91.the husband is now twice as old as his wife was when he was as old as she is now. How old are they?
b h:71w:20

6.a man drove from London to Manchester on the first day he traveled 1/3 of the distance .second day he traveled 1/2 of the remaining distance.3rd day 2/3 of the remaining distance he travelled.4th day after covering 3/4th of the remaining distance he was still 5 miles away from Manchester. how many miles had he covered so far?

7.At dawn on Monday a sanil fell into bucket it was 12 inches deep. During th e day it climbed up 3 inches. However during night if fell back 2 inches. How many days later did the snail finally manage to climb up the bucket?

8. 6 cats kill 6 rats in 6 minutes .how many cats will be needed to kill 100 rats in 50 minutes?

9.Which of following is divis by 9?
Ans: only a

10.the river is 4100 inches wide. there is a magnificent bride which spans the river 1/7th of the overall length of the bridge was one side of the river.1/8th of the bridge was another side. How long the bridge was.

11.If today is Friday what is the day that follows the day that comes after the day that precedes the day before yesterday.
Ans: Wednesday

12.At the recent downhill mountain bike race 4 entrants entered a challenging slalom event. Prem came first. The entrant wearing no 2 wore red. whereas kian did not wear yellow. the loser wore blue and rahul wore no 1.Sanjay beat rahul and the person who came second wore no 3.te entrant in yellow beat the entrant in green. Only one of the entrant s wore the same number and the final position. Determine who finished 3rd, the no and the color they wore?
a) Rahul 1 green
b) rahul 2 red
c)Kiran 4 blue
d) none of these

13.Ganesh did not have room in his garage for 8 of his trucks .He therefore increased his size of his garage 50 %.which gave him room for 8 more trucks then he owned altogether? How many trucks did he own?

14.4 shepherds were watching over the flocks and the y were commenting on how many sheep they each had. If ram had 3 more sheep than he would have one less than rahul. wheras akar has the same number as the other 3 shepherds put togeher. I f john had 3 less sheep he would have exactly trile the number of ram. If they were evenly distributed if they would each have 11 seep how many sheep did ram have?
d)none of these

15.A game of footbal with 11 players lasts for exactly 90 minutes .There are 4 substitutes thath alternate equally .Therefore each player plays for the same length of the time. how long?
Ans: 66 minutes

16.You are given a 10X10X10 cube composed of 1X1X1 mini cubes glued together .The outer most layer falls off. How many mini cubes would have fallen of?

17.At the local race track narain was testing the latest car. During eth 8 test laps he managed to average the first 2 laps at 100 mile per hr. the next two laps 10 2mph.the next two laps 140mph and the last two aps 150 mph. What was his average speed for the entire laps?

18.In a farmer buys chicken feed for 47 paise per tone pig feed for 1.23 pertone and cattle feed for 1.44ptonne.How much of each would have if he had 100 tonnes per 100rps.
Ands: 38 for chicken ,34 for pig ,28 for cattle

19gautham and his wife gowri r harvesting apples. gautam can pluck 1 apple in 15 minutes and goweri can pluck one apple in 12 minutes. their daughter priya takes 20 minutes to eat an apple and she eats all day. How many apples i will the harvest in a day, if they work from 6 am to 6 pm

20.A trouts tail weighs 8 pounds it is head weight as much as the tail and one -half of the body combined and the body weighs as much as the head ad tail combined what is the whole weight

21.I have a box .the top has an area 240 square inches the side 300 spinach and the end 180sqinch.What is the depth of the box?

22.Who is your mothers only sisters son s brothers aunts daughters sisters father?
Ans: Father

23.A rich aristocrat decided that he would give every man rs.45 and every women Rs.60.Only one nineth of the man and only one twelfth of the women collected their dues .Can u tell me how much money thath aristocrat spent if their were 3552 people in total

24.In an old shed near adhitya house there were number of animals in particular crow , mice and cockroaches. Ther were found exactly 150 feet and 50 heads in total and there were twice as many cockroaches as mice.How many cockroaches were there?

25.My watch loses exactly 20min every hour. It now shows 4a.m and I know that it was correct at midnight when I last set it I happen to know that the watch stopped 4 hrs ago What is the correct time now?
Ans:10 a.m

26A bus service travels from Bombay to Delhi along the way the bus stops at 10 different places So in total ther are 12 stops including the start and end stops. How many different tickets can be given out by the conductor?

27> A plane maintains an average speed of 696 mph from London to New York and it return s avg speed of 145mph.What is the avg speed?

28.there are 1200 elephants in a heard some have pink and green stripes. Some are all pink and some are all blue.1/3 rd of pure pink .Which si true
1.800 r blue
2.800 r pink and green
3.400 r definitely blue
ans)all r false

29.A farmer originally had a total of 54 litre of milk. He wanted each vessel contain 18 liter of milk. First he poured 1/4th of the first vessel into second.1/2 of the second to third vessel.1/3 of the third vessel to first.
How many literes each vessels contain initially?
Ans:12,33 ,9

30.The equator of the radius of the earth is 6378 km. Circumference is almost exactly 40000 km. He had a ong rope wich went around the equator. This would of course 40000km long If he now plaed 1 m sticks all the way around and lay the rope on top of the sticks-how much extra rope would he require?

Carritor Placement Paper

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