Samsung Placement Paper

Company: SAMSUNG

technical was a bit difficult than apti.

in technical there were mainly questions on Datastructures, OS and

networks questions were mainly from datalink layer and network layer.

DS questions were on linkedlists,binary trees and hashing.

OS questions were on paging and schduling.

in apti they have asked to arrange sentences in order, questions based
on passage and some direct

some ques i have in mind are, i am giving answers after the question

1. what is the size of IPv6 —16 bytes many possible trees are there such that both preorder and postorder traversal are same if there
are n nodes in a binary tree —0

3. four ques were given on error detection and control, like CRC code,hamming code etc..

4.which protocol is used to convert the ethernet address to IP address — RARP

5.which is undeterminnistic network structure among 802.3,802.4,802.5 –802.4

6. some nodes were given and they are inserted into a binary search tree, which is the root — 8

7. which of the two codes executes fast for(i=0;i<100;i++) for(j=0;i<100;j++) a[i][j]=0; for(i=0;i<100;i++) for(j=0;j<100;j++) a[j][i]=0
ans: first code

8. int j=3; int *p=&j; printf(“%d %d”, *p++,++*p); it will not increment j value as ++ is done first on p before *, so address gets incremented and garbage value will be there.

9. two questions were asked on doubly linked lists, for deleting a node like given some piece of code which is correct.

10. a question on interrupts in OS, what happens when a higher priority process requests the CPU when it is servicing a lower priority process.

11. a question on quick sort, given some numbers what happens after the first iteration.

Samsung Placement Paper

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