TRIAD Placement Paper

Company: TRIAD

C – language:

1. write a program to calculate ncr

2. write a program to exchange the values of two variables using pointers

3. write program to open one file input some numbers and find smallest,largest, avg. and store them in another file.

4. write a structure node using linked list

5. write a program to reverse a string co-ordinate geometry

1. find the perpendicular distance from a point P(a,b) to a line lx+my+n=0;

2. y=x^3+2x^2+5x+2 find the slope of this eqn when x=12;

( Hint :find dy/dx and substitute x=12)

3. circle is x^2+y^2=a^2 . if the centre is shifted to (25,16) what is the eqn of new cirlce.

4. pt rotation P(x,y) about origin in anticlockwise direction by an angle theta. find new coordinates.
before this there will be some question on puzzles(gre barrons).
prepare co-ordinate geometry and fundamental of c.

regarding interview :

1.they will ask whether u r interseted to go aborad,

ans:say no, not interested.

2. tell some project works that r done and or going to be do in c , c++,

3. personal interview.

4. be perfect in c, they r asking that how u done this in test paper.

5.they ask u do be agree to the company bond. bond is for 3 years , breaking is at cost of 50,000.

apptitude ;

some puzzles r given around 9, study well it is easy, for it they provide 20 min00110

TRIAD Placement Paper

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