Triad Written Test Questions

Company: Traids

Q1. Write a structure node using linked list.

Q2. Write a program to exchange the values of two variables using pointers.

Q3. Write a program to reverse a string.

Q4. Write a program to calculate ncr.

Q5. Write a program to open one file input some numbers and find smallest, largest, average and store them in another file.


Q6. Circle is x^2+y^2=a^2. If the center is shifted to (25,16), what is the equation  of new circle?

Q7. Find the perpendicular distance from a point P(a,b) to a line lx+my+n=0.

Q8. pt rotation P(x,y) about origin in anticlockwise direction by an angle theta. Find new coordinates.

Q9. y=x^3+2x^2+5x+2, find the slope of this equation when x=12.

Hint: Find dy/dx and substitute x=12.

Triad Written Test Questions

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