Company: Sony India Private Ltd


Company in which selected : UBS SWISS BANK


There was no written test.Short listing was done on the basis of CGPA. They kept min. CGPA as 7.9 for all branches except Civil and Biotechnology. For civil min. CG was 8.5 and no cut off for Biotech.


No Technical Interview.

There were 2 rounds of interviews. In first round the interviewer asked me about my branch, the subjects and what I like. Seeing my interest he then asked why did i want to join a financial company instead of a core one. Then few questions about iron and alumunium. One question was to explain the torque and which material has greater torque iron or Al. Then he asked me something different that I have done in campus. In second round the first question was tell me about yourself. Why do you want to join a financial company after engineering. What is your dream company. What do you expect from the company.

It was my first interview of my life. I was very nervous before the interview but the friendly behaviour of interviewer made me feel comfortable and far more confident. In both the rounds the interviewer were very supportive and friendly. It was a very nice experience of giving my first interview.

The company mainly sees your communication skills and analytical abilities. Some smart answers will always help. For instance the answer to the question why finance after engineering can be crafted as: with the duration of engineering course I have not only learnt my subjects but have developed analytical thinking and flair for research which I think makes me suitable for any job, be it finance. Make them feel that you want to join financial sector. On dream company question never take the name of any company. Tell them you want to work in a company which gives ample opportunities to its employees to learn and develop.
Good luck to you all.