Value-one Placement Paper

Company: Value-one

Dear Frnds,
Here I am going to present the ‘ValueLabs’ Paper Pattern.

I have Attented and Seleceted by “Valuelabs” Off-campus at Karshak Engg. college, Uppal on 3rd June.

The pattern :


Total Appered candidates–800
Written cleared–200
GD cleared—81
Got Offered–25

Quetions may consist of Vocabulay, Analytical, Genaral Knowledge, Simple Logical and Some C technical Quetions.

Total of 25 Quetions

1-5. Q are Vocabulary, Genaraly from Gre Barrans
6-10.Q are Fill in the blank, Genaraly from Gre Barrans
11-12- are Analytical
13-17 are GenaralKnowledge
18-22 are Simple Logical
23-15 are C technical Quetions mostly on pointers

Follwed by GD and Tech Interview. Its quite easy and prepare well

(Paper Submitted By : Hari)

Value-one Placement Paper

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