VisualSoft Placement Paper

Company: VisualSoft

the ques were very easy
1st round was a so-called aptitude round. 60 ques for 1 hr.. hardly there were any quants. the ques were like
1) given a series of no which no shudn exist..

2) given a series of letters which letter shudn exist..
eg: A D G I J M P..
I shudn exist

3) ques where comparisons betn diagrams are to be made.. im not sure if u wud und it here but it is pretty simple wen u c it for urself..

4) jumbled words wud b given n if rearranged wat does it give.. an animal? a country? a state?
eg: mangery
ans is germany a country

2nd round was english proficiency round for 1/2 n hr.. this was pretty tuff.. but stil u can scrape thru i guess..

3rd round was gd.the topics were quite vague.. they were like.. how do u handle criticisms, green, wat do u think bt dress code in colls, etc.

all the 3 rounds wil ve to b attended by evry person.. separate scores wil b given for each.. but the results wil b announced later.. another week or so..

all the best
this company doesn require any technical knowledge.. so if u clr these 3 rounds ur thru.. finally its just a one to one interview..

VisualSoft Placement Paper

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