Company: Hewitt Associates

This is the second round, means INTERVIEW.
Mine interview was around 20 min.
There wer e 2 ppl in the pannel. One wll ask technical nd other will HR questions.
They wll ask ur favourite subject. I told thm networking. So they asked questions frm this.
Few questions are:
1: Define Network
2:Diff b/w OSI nd TCP/IP
3: Diff b/w Switches, Bridges nd Routers. Which one is better nd why?
4:Diff b/w LAN nd WAN
5:Function of Session layer
6:Capacitance of coaxial cabel
7: Demorgans law
8: Maxwell eqn
9: Shenon,s eqn
10: Define S/N
12: AM, FM, PM
13: why clock is required nd what is synchronisation?
14: What is an Amplifier nd types of it?
Few of my frnds asked questions frm GSM, Mobile Communication, SAtellite communication, Filters etc. But all questions were basic one.
So prepare urself fr ur favourite subjects.
Also wear a big smile on ur face nd be confidant wht r u answering. I had given all answers except 2 or 3.
And after tht they wll ask some HR questions.