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Company: Wipro Infotech

Total 44 general Questions + 12 Technical
There were 75 questions
Two Parts:

* general – 55 questions
* Dept wise Technical 20 questions

Part-1 : 20 chemistry + 5 physics + 15 maths + 15 logical


1) A free electron is placed in a electromagnetic field, it will move in the direction of
a)Electric Field
b) Magnetic Field
c)Wave Propogation

2) Elements with same atomic & mass no are called
c) isobar
d) isomer

3)|(2x-3)/(x?x+1)?= (where ‘|’ is for integration )

4)if x=arcsine(t) and y=log(1-t?then d2y/dx2 at t=1/2=?(ans:-8/3)

5) calculate the sum of 100 terms common to the series
{17,21,25….} and {16,21,26…}

6) find the sum upto n terms 1+2*x+3*x?…….. Where
(ans n?

7) A speaks true in 70% of cases and B in 80% then what is prob. that A & B Always contradicts to each other.(ans:0.38)

8 ) fact:
I)all dogs are trees
II) trees provide wood conclusion:
I)dogs provide wood

9) Questions of GMAT type
is x>0?
A)concluded from a)only B)……so on. data sufficiency type
a) conclude from statement1 only
b)concluded from statrement2 only
c) concludeded from individualy statement1 and statement2
d)concluded from statement1 and statement2

10) Rod and a man are stationary with respect to lab. The man measures the rod in following ways
1) rod moves parallel to man the size reduces
2) man move parallel to rod size reduces

11) A man six feet tall is standing near a pole. On top of the pole is a light. What is the length of the shadow cast by the man?
a) man is 6 meter from the pole
b) the pole is 12 meters above ground

12) Train T leaves town A for town B and travels at a constant rate speen. At the same time , train S leaves town B for town A and also travels at constant rate speed. Town C ois between A and B. Which train is travelling fast? Train A,C,B lie in astraight line.
a) Train S arives at town C before Train T.
b) C is closer yto A than to B

13) What is the value such that the roots of x^3+3x+a=0 lies in [0,1]
A) 1
B) -1
C) 3
D) None.

14) A compound has C 40% H by 6.07% & O by 53.93%. find ythe formula

15) if words are forme by SURITI and arranged in a dictionary what will be the position of SURITI?(ans 236)

16) in an exam. There are 2 parts each containing 5 qns. one have to answer 6qns with condition atmost 4 from one group. in how many wayss one can answer?

17) in how many ways 7 distinct objects can be distributed among 3 children?(ans 7P30

18) 3 GRE(Barrons 12th edition page 397(7-11)) analytical type
qns.(question is littel different)

19) Ram walked 2Km north then moves to his right to go 4Km. Then again moves to his right to go 4Km. Again moves right to go 4km. where he meets Radha.
a) what is the direction at the first turn?(E.W.N.S)
b) what is the distance between starting pt. and the terminating pt?

20) questions Like :L if the code of the word EMFATION is ‘35248671′ then
a) what is the word of the code ‘2771′ ?
b) what is the code of the word FEAT ? x x

21) what is the value of Lt (|exp(x)dx/|exp(2x?dx) ? x->@ 0 0 (’|’ is for integration sign)

22) Given initial state (P1,V1) and final state(P2,V2). state is changed by 2 processes. what term is common to two processes?
(ans: dq-dw)

23) at NTP how much butane can be burnt by a litre of oxygen)
(ans: 72.8 gms0

24) Saturated plate currentin a triod depends on A)…B)
(ans: Temp)

25)in which type of sort. for both average case and worst case efficiency is equal to nlogn?
(ans: Merge sort)

26) Two circles of unequal radius intersect each other in
A)1 pt
B)2 pts.
C)3 pts.
(ams:2 pts)

29)4 radicals was given which one shows positive inductive effect?
(ans NH2-)

30) find the curve satisfying xdy-ydx+logxdx=0 and passing through (1,-1)

31) Emitter and collector are placed horizontally with collector above. There is a saturation current, if there is a vertical electric field applied downwards what happen to the emmited electrons.
a) stopping potential decreases b) K.E increases

32) 70 cars can park in n rows with equal no in each rows, two cars are eliminated from each rows but 4 rows are added. find ythe no n

33) value of f(x)=(1-cos(1-cos(x)))/x^4 for which it is continuous at x=0
(ans: 1/8)

34) infix notation is given determine the postfix (like as infix a-b/(c*d$e) postfix abcde$*/-

35) if A & B play a game and each is required to tell a no from 1-25 what’s the probablity that they will contradict. probable
answer(24/25) 36) 3/(1?2? + 5/(1?2?3? + 7/(1?2?3?4? + ……….

37 which is not the ideal solution (probable
ans: ethanol + water)

38) cholorine + toluene in presense of anyhydrous FeCl2—–> orto+para cloro toluene

40) honeybee if touched will sting, man touches the bee conclusion: man is stucked by honeybee

41) we have 10 different digits to form a five digit no with at least one digit repeated.

42)20ml of H2S + 20ml of Cl2 will produce?(probable ans 120 ml of………)

43)period of y=sin((2t+3)/6pi) is ?

44)x rays emitted from a tube has wavelength between
a) lie greater then a particular wave length
b)between maximum and minimum range
(ans : b)

part 2

Questions for department

1) Youngs modulus for tension Yt is x times Youngs modulus for compression Yc.
ANS : 0.5

2)In a two stage air compression total work is 2n/ (n-1) *P1 V1[(P3/P1)^(n-1)/2n -1] what is the work done in high press cylinder if minimum work condition is applied.

3)cementite is Fe3c.

4)The friction radius in case of an bearing for uniform press is [2/3*((r2^2+r1^2)/(r2^2-r1^2))]

5)About pitch to be cut on job on leath having perticular pitch on lead.pitch=9/5 with 4tpi find change gears

6)A beam is simply supported at end pts A & B. what is the moment at point A due to uniformly distributed load W.

7) (inverted delta ie inverted triangle) is a symbl of…….

8 ) if work done in LP and HP cylenders, in compressor are W1 and W2 with politropic index n1 and n2 what is ratio of W1/W2..

9)shaping machine work done
(ans; LNC/1000)

10)10 ton cannon fires a shell of 50kg with a muzzle velocity 900m/s it takes 0.04 seconds to come out from barrel when fired at 30 degree..find the velocity of cannon.

11)fins occur due to ……(casting defect)

12)by which of the following methods a job if heated will not warp?
a) vertical
b)clamped on both sides
c)clamped at regular intervels three or four question on hoop stresses in spheres and cylenders…..

1.employe 1.-you told me ,”two years ago, you have worked 3 times as much as me. employe2.-yes, isaid that now i have worked twice as much as you. how many years both of them have worked.——4&8

2. there are 20 flag . aperson starts from firstflag and goes up to 12th flag in 24 sec . what is the total time he took to reach 20th flag.———24*19/11

3. mr X says that the 2 dial of the watch concide every 65 min. is the or gaining the time, and by how much in a hour.—–60/143min.

4.a person leaves the city at const speed. on his way he saw a mile-stone,a2 digit no. after going for 1 hour , he sees another , milestone having the same number in reverse order still further 1 hour he again sees the mile stone showing the two number but a zero in between. what is the velocity of x .—————
ans 45km per hour

ANS – 9326

6. a,b,C,D HAS 4 CARDS IN FRONT OF THEM. and the colour of the cards on 2 faces are diffrent.
2 red 2green, 2 blue.
a says- yellow or blue
b says- niether yellow nor blue
c says blue or yellow
d says- blue or green
if the open face colour is the order red, green,red,blue. find the hidden colour, if 2 of them says lie.———–red green red green yellow blue yellow blue

7.A’s wife died .he is living with his niece.B is a widow an dliving with her daughter and C is living with hr wife.C’s wife suggested that they should live together.each member of the group should contribute 25/- and the rest should be distributed equally .if the monthly expense was rs 92/- and each got whole sum of money(no fraction).after cutting their expenses what is amount each will get? —–rs 2/-

8-a man leaves home for his office in time according to his watch but in the office he finds that he is not on time and checks his watch.he finds that his watch shows one hour when actually 65 min has been passed say whether his watch loses or gain time and by what amount per hour? 4 min 55sec

9.three people A,B,C live in a place , their occupations are policeman , fireman , teacher. out of the five conditions , only two are true
(a) A is the neighbour of techer.
(b) B is the neighbour of techer.
(c) policeman and fireman are neighbour of C.
(d) all of them are neighbour of each other.
(e) B is the neighbour of fireman.

Wipro Placement Paper

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