Company: Wipro Technologies

Total No. of Rounds:

* Written test
* S.I writing
* Tech-interview
* HR round.

Written Test:-

English – 20
Arithmetic and Reasoning – 20
Technical – 10

Time : 60 min

There is no negative marking . we must complete 50 questions in 60min.Ages, Blood relations, Coding And Decoding, Time And Distance, Problems on Trains, Boats And Streams, Tabular Format Question, Sentence Correction, Prepositions,Articles ,Reading Compressions, Basics of C, C++, DBMS, Operating System, Unix,Ds, Fundamentals of Computer . These topics are more then enough to crack the written-test of Wipro.


Q. 0 is coded as *,1 is coded as #, numbers more then 1 is coded by using
of *and# like

2 is coded as #*

3 is coded as ##

4 is coded as #**

1) find the sum of **## and *#**—————————–

2) find the multi of *# and #**———————————


convert the numbers in to binary format replace the 0’s and 1’s by using of


1) sum of **## and *#**






add binary format of 3 and 4 0011

+ 0100


0111 it is equal to —7

replace these values with *and # 0111—*###

so ans for first question is *###


Tech-HR: well sudheer take your seat

Me: Thank you Sir

Tech-HR: tell me about your project?

Me: told.

Tech-HR: tell me the data-flow on your project by using flow-chart

Me: I explained by using of uml diagrams.

Tech-HR: tell me the uniqueness of your project ?

Me: Told.

Tech-HR: diff b/w linked-list and array, diff b/w linked-list and doubly

Me: told

Tech-HR: diff b/w class and structures?

Me: told

Tech-HR: tell me the virtual functions in c++?

Me: told

my tech-hr was given one form if u got the form u r 95% in ,and he forwarded to hr .

HR Round:

HR: what makes u 2 come for Wipro?

Me: Wipro is an esteemed organization, this is organization belongs to my field
of interest , recently Wipro has awarded Naascom global award bla,bla,bla……………

HR: why should I hire you?

Me: I am easily adaptable to new software technology, being as a fresher you can
motivate me to according to your requirements, this organization belongs to my
field of interest so interest makes us to do any thing obliviously I will become
assist for the company.

HR : what are u r hobbies?

Me: told

HR: what is the memorable days in u r life?

Me: told

HR : do u want to know any thing from me ?

Me: what are the things I have to improve to get success in this organization
and when do I get my offer letter.

friends be confident while giving the answers, every one says be confident but confidence comes to you when you r perfect in your subject.

finally I was selected and I got the appointment letter on 31st dec 2011. if you don’t select don’t worry try for another don’t loose your confidence , I didn’t selected even written test for Infosys, Satyam, Value-labs, Zenqa

I got the success on my 5th interview so best of luck , if this information is useful to you.