Company: Wipro Technologies

Test has Three Rounds

1. Written Test
2. Tech-Interview
3. HR Round.

Written Test Contains Three Sections

* Verbal
* Quant
* Technical


* It was little bit tough.
* It Contains a passage and 5 Questions Based on that Passage.
* Some synonyms and antonyms are also there.


It was easy test out of 20,15 are easily attempting

Some Questions

1. Diff. Between ages of son and father is 30 and their squares is 1560 find their ages.

2. What is probability of choosing a leap year with probability of 7 Fridays.

3. 1 question is on relations

N is brother of X and A . Y is mother of N. Z is wife of Y.

which of the following is not def. true

ans is X is brother of N.

4. 0 is coded as *,

1 is coded as #, numbers more then 1 is coded by using of *
and # like
2 is coded as #*
3 is coded as ##
4 is coded as #**

find the lcm of 10 15 30

5. p+q means p is brother of q and p*q means p is mother of q and p/q means p is father of q and p%q means p is sister of q
now make a relation that p is mother in law of q

One question on trains,clock,share.

It was also very easy.

1. One Questions on order of OSI Layers

2. Apache Company Provides_________

3. int count =10,sum =0,*temp;







char letter =’a’;




else if(letter=’b’)



else if(letter=’c’)





convert it into switch.

5. struct a


int a;

int b;


void main()


struct a b={110,10};



print(struct b)


printf(“%d %d”,b.a,b.b);