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Wipro Placement Paper 2004

Company: Wipro Infotech

Wipro paper

( J.U.-2004 )
Section1-English,15 questions
Section2-aptitude 15 questions
Section3-technical ,20 questions
There was individual cut off for all the sections.


* There were a few questions of filling the blanks
* There were a few analogy type questions which were easy.
* There were no comprehension or antonyms & synonyms.


1. This paper was quite tough and the questions were lengthy.
2. The printing of the paper was clumsy too.
3. All the questions were so big that I remember the conditions of none the questions properly.
4. All the questions had some 6 to 7 conditions given.
5. By applying those conditions it was required to find the solution.
6. None of the questions were too easy.
7. Practice hard to gain fluency.


Some of the questions were.

* Convert 181 to binary code
* What is rom?
* Questions about stack,queue,tree
* Some questions about microprocessors
* Questions about internet protocol,networking.
* A nand gate is equivalent to a negative or gate.

The paper was mainly meant for it students.
I could not understand some of the questions even.
For non it students the cutoff was low. Perhaps


The tech interview for it & allied students would be really tough.
If u have any project prepare thoroughly for that.
The panel is genuinely a tough nut to crack.
For non it students a good knowledge of c language should be sufficient.
Hr interview was a formality.

Wipro Placement Paper 2004

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