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Hi friends

I am Santosh and i am glad that I have been selected to wipro at Adams Engg college (Andhra Pradesh). The process was very cool.Thanks to all the members of freshers world who had really made my dream come true.

The selection procedure was like this

Round 1 : The written section consisted of 3 sections

1. verbal : basic English grammer and some vocab is enough .It basically consisted of

1 question based on punctuation

2 questions on arrangement of sentences in a proper order(very easy )

2 questions on analogies (REFER GRE BARRONS)

1 question on correction of sentences

2 questions on sentence completion(REFER GRE BARRONS)


2 synonyms

1 odd man out

Surprisingly there was no active & passive ,Direct & indirect which were there in every previous paper

THE books that I followed were

1) High school English grammer by Wren & Martin

2) Gre barrons (go through exercises and high frequency words)

Analytical was really tough there were only 4-5 questions which I could attempt by R.S aggarwal .These were from time & work,volumes,calendars,clocks ,ratios

Not even a single question was asked on coding-decoding ,direction sense test, blood relations which were repeatedly asked in previous papers. He has mainly concentrated on puzzles. Somehow I was able to mange that So guys plz don?t take it easy.

Technical was very easy as I was a student of CSE .Even students from other branches can easily do it. 8-10 questions were asked on C & DS . Refer TEST U?r C-Skills by yashwanth kanithkar & some basic DS concepts which are available on net are enough.

4-5 questions were asked on unix and O.S.The technical materials available in freshers world are Enough believe me 10-12 questions were lifted from those.

Results were announced and I was among the short listed candidates

Then I had my technical & Hr interview next day.

The questions were

1) why should I select U

2) what are encryption algorithms & some question on encryption & decryption

3) list some key words in java and he asked to explain each of them

4) what is purpose of abstact method ?

5) what do u expect from wipro?

6) What would u do if u wont get what u had expected?

7) Where do u see u?rself in next 5,10,15 years?

After this he gave me Hr form. I had waited for 3 hours and I was called for Hr interview

The questions were

1. Say something about u?r self
2. Why should I select u
3. What is a team?
4. What are qualities that are needed for members of a team?(I mentioned cooperation ?coordination -commitment)
5. As I have participated in a national level Technical paper presentation he asked some questions on that
He asked me some questions on cooking which I mentioned as my hobby

Then I asked him some questions they were

How would U be able to maintain the competition from diverse areas as u?r products are all diverse?(routine question but interesting)

Why our Indian companies aren?t able to compete with companies Like Microsoft & Ibm even though we have got very good human resources?

1685 candidates attended 335 were shortlisted for written Finally 100 were selected .I was among the selected candidates .

Guys all that U need is confidence that U will crack the exam .Just believe me I failed for Infosys & satyam in the written exam only but I had?nt lost my hope and this time I was able to make it now.

Once again Thanks to all the members of the group .

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