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hi friends,

I am Archana Narayanan? I attended the placement drive held by wipro tis week on friendships day at anna univ? almost al coll were there, I was lucky to be selected..

The written test was very simple.. u hav 3 sections of 50 questions tat needs 2 b answered in 60 mins? remem u hav cut-off for each quest the sections are::

15- Verbal

15- Analytical

20- Technical

For the verbal round, refer gre barrons.. tey ask u ques on analogies, tense, direct and indirect speech.. they give u a passage n ask u to put in the rght order.. tis section was ok.. not very simple to me.. cos I had not referred barrons?

The analytical was really simple? refer R.S Agarwal, Verbal and Non Verbal? the topics where direction(something like Anup went 10 mts north, then turned south walked for 20 mts and sum thng like tat), time n distance(sums like very 30mins there is a train from station A to station B, 10 mins before I came a train had left, and at the enquiry they said after 20 mins I hav a train… sum thg like tis..). tey also ask u ques on sentence decoding n coding n sitting arrangements(A is to the immediate rght of B, who is between G and F)? study even average, time n distance, work from R.S Agarwal?

Technical was very easy.. im doin my MCA.. probably tats y I didn?t face much problem.. tey ask ques on os, data structure, c, c++, unix and networkin? for technical information, look up to freshers world? go to technical resources in the site? its very useful?

Around 77 from my coll were short listed for the interview next day at 1:30?. There were a lot of colleges before us.. so our interview was postponed for the nxt day..

The next day, v had it at 12.. the tech interview was held for 20 mins..

My first ques was tell me abt urself. ( he asked me to specify abt my strengths, family, hobbies).. I answered it all.. then he asked me y I had shifted from b.sc mathematics to mca? I told him I wanted to learn a emerging tech n tis would create a path way for me to enter into the it field..

He then asked wat wld I do if I find sum other field emergin, wld u jump to tat too? I told him tat I had learnd c programming in my b.sc final year and tats were I got my interest.. then he asked me wat I learnd from maths, which I had applied in mca.. for tat I said logical and analytical thinkin, every problem in maths can b approchd in diffrnt ways n similarly al programs can be approached diffrently?

Then he askd to substantiate how i can think logically better than a person who has compltd b.sc comp sc? i did tat well…… then he asked abt al the sorting tech, sql queries(simple ones), pgm in bubble sort n binary search? then features abt java.. my areas of interest and the projects done.. interview was for 20 mins..

Hr was cool? just be confident? the hr will tend to ask u ques very rapid, try to reply promptly(like a rapid fire around).. tey r testing ur reflexes?.. be bold to ans all ques? tey also chk ur stress level.. and very imp hav instances to substantiate ur strengths..

In 20 mins results were announcd.. I was selectd.. gods grace? to all u people aspiring to be an wipro-ian, be confident??..

All the best?..

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