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Hai guys, I gave you wipro paper

1. Aptitude test:
A) language skills:
pretty easy stuff, GRE standard. punctuations, synonyms, antonyms, word usage….you name it, they had it! one question that baffled me a little was the meaning of the word “MASTADON”, but i could figure it out from the options.

B) analytical skills:
three questions that were really nice:
a) how many spheres of radius 1cm can you place inside a equilateral triangular pyramid of side 10cm?
b) two trains are approaching each other at 25 kmph and 45kmph respectively. initially they are 100 km apart. a bird sitting on the faster train starts flying towards the other train at a speed of 5kmph. what distance does the bird cover when the two trains collide?
c) i have a marble table with a circular top whose diameter is 15 times the diameter of my dinner plates. how many such plates can i keep on the table without overlap of 2 plates, or of a plate and the table edge?
other questions were pretty easy, on venn diagrams, percentages, pattern theory etc…
i> if clueless select the first option, ie, A. more often than not it is the correct option.
ii>in multi-condition selection problems, all conditions are not important. you do not have enough time to be systematic. just use your short-term memory.

C) technical
i am essentially from ind chem, so i had to leave out a lot of questions here (the ones on port, firewalls, chips, heap sort) but i am a pretty good programmer, so i could do the ones on code fragment dry runs, boolean algebra. also, my breadth was switching theory, so that was helpful. there were a few easy questions on “SPAM”, “VERONICA”, logic gates… The cut-off for this section was low for non-CS people, so it was fine.

2. Technical round.
this was amazing, and not in a pleasant way. i had to wait for like 5 hrs, and i was sick, and cross, and couldn’t do half the stuff on algebra and trigo. i even forgot binary serach algo midway. but i could do this program on printing non-fibonacci numbers.also ,the newton-raphson algo went fine. the interviewer was shocked by my constant gabbering, and he gave me almost 45 mins. at the end he had a li’l problem in making up his mind…..so i helped him, and said that i gave a rotten test, and i am sorry…i started to leave, then he called me back and gave me the HR form.
other questions that he asked to people:
# proof of shreedhar acharya’s formula
# extremisation of functions
#plot of mod(X)/(X)
#questions on numerical methods
#questions on thermodynamics

3. HR
by this time i was DEAD ON MY FEET. the guy actually had to offer me water. then he asked me about my project (it was in TIFR mumbai, and dealt with supersonic jet spectroscopy)…..he knew a lot about it, and actually cleared some of my doubts,but i was so unwell i couldn’t pay any attention to what he was saying. finally i had to interrupt him and tell him that i was like about to faint 100% in the next 5 mins. then he just told me about the pay and the bond and stuff, and then he let me go.
after another hour my friends woke me up and said that my name was there in the final list!

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