Company: Microsoft Technologies

***** WIPRO – INFOTECH *****

NOTE: Here it was open only for ECE and CSE.

Wipro Systems hasn’t visited our campus yet.

Time: 40 min. No. of questions 20 (All objective type only)

1. A TRUTH TABLE was given and the smallest expression was to be identified.

Don’t bother about the Table. The answer is

(AB’C)’ + ABC + one more term we have forgot.

the choice is B (perfectly correct)

2. JK Flipflop is a combination of

Ans.: SR FlipFlop and T FlipFlop

3. Find the no. of page fault. No of frames is 4. The page req. sequence is


Ans.: 6

4. There are 10 blocks. Files are to be arranged sequentially. File size:

fa = 1, fb = 3, fc=5, fd = 6

Which of the following is not possible ?

Ans.: save(fc)Save(fd)delete(fc)save(fd)

5. Find the O/P of the following ASM code.


Ans.: (XY)^2 + Y + Z

6. Languages of string with even length:


7. ASM Language Program.

What does this program do ?

Ans.: Finding the Largest of two numbers

8. Find the O/P of the folowing program

char *s1=”Hello “; // Note the space after Hello
char *s2=”World”;
char *s3=strcat(s1,s2);


b)Hello World
d)Core is dummped // seems to be the correct answer
e)Hello world

Ans.: Try it yourself. We don’t know the correct answer.
Run this program in UNIX (or LINUX) env.

Our choice is : d)

9. Find the GRAY CODE of 527

Ans.: Try it yourself.

Probably ( 110011010 )

10. A PC has a speed of 60HZ. The timer in the PC takes 2msec. Find the %
CPU time taken by the timer

Ans.: 12 %

11. A problem on state machine. Two states. A input sequence is given.
You have to find the output sequence. Try solving some very simple
problems like this, that are available in GATE books. That
is sufficient.

12. A spanning tree is given. You have to find the minimun path.

Ans.: 14

13. What does “working set” mean int the context of OS.

Ans.: List of processes that are currently executing.

14. When a process is interrupted when will the interrupt be served ?

Ans.: After the execution of the current machine cycle.

Four C Programs . You have to find the function of the program.

15. Program with the following syntax:

printf(” text text text
text text

Ans.: It will print the text given within quotes.
Aim.: Check whether multiple line end characters () works in a
printf statement

16. Find the function of the given C program.

Ans.: Circular Link List. Check it your self.

17. Find the function of the given C program.

Ans.: Prime Number or fibonacci series. Check it your self

18. Find the boolean expression for the given AND OR gate combinations.

Ans.: You can do it during test. A simple quesion.

Note: The symbol ( / ) performs the operation of invertion.

19. Deadlock: Bankers Algo. Given the processes and the resources, find
the resources needed to avoid deadlock.

Ans.: 3

20. Find the correct boolean expression.

Ans. A+A’B = A+B

Note: The symbol (‘) refers the negation property.

All the answers we have listed are perfectly correct. You can follow it