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Wipro 2012 – Analytical Section

1. Sixteen men complete a work in 24 days while 48 children can do it in 16 days. Twelve men started the work, after 14 days 12 children joined them. In how Many days will all of them together complete the remaining work?
A) 10
B) 14
C) 12
D) 13

2. Rajan and Rakesh started a business and invented rs 20,000 and Rs 25,000 Respectively. After 4 Months Rakesh Left and Mukesh joined by investing Rs 15,000. At the end of year there was a profit of Rs 4600. What is the share of Mukesh?
A) Rs 1,500
B) Rs 1,400
C) Rs 1,300
D) Rs 1,200

3. If B gives A Rs 20, A will have twice as much as B. If A gives B Rs 20, B Will have Three Times as much as A. How much does each have?
A) A=48,B=48
B) A=44,B=52
C) A=40,B=60
D) A=54,B=42

4. Consider the following number series and fill the blank with the correct number 8, 13, 21, 32, ____, 63,83

5. Two Equal Amounts of Money are lent out at 6% and 5 % simple Interest respectively at the same time. The former is recovered two years earlier than the latter and the amount so recovered in each case is RS, 2800. Determine the amunt that is lent out?
A) 1950
B) 1500
C) 1800
D) 1375

6. A Train running at 40ks/hr passes a person riding parallel to the railway line in the same direction at 25kms/hr in 48 seconds. Find the length of the train?
A) 200 M
B) 300 M
C) 400 M
D) 500 M

7. At what time between 9 and 10 will the hands of a watch be together?
A) 50 Minutes Past 9
B) 49 1/11 Minutes Past 9
C) 45 Minutes Past 9
D) 46 1/12 Minutes Past 9

8. Tiling work of a hall with 27 Metres length and 24 Metres breadth is to be done. If Each Square tile with its side 0.5 Metre costs Rs.8. Find the total Cost of the Tiles?
A) Rs 20736
B) Rs 10368
C) Rs 19376
D) Rs 22536

9. Seven Applicants for a Job – F, G, H, I, J, K, and L are each to be interviewed on monday or Tuesday . Each Applicant is to be Interviewed exactly once, and the interview schedule must conform to the following conditions:
There must be at least two interviews each day
I cannot have the first interview on Monday
F must have the first or last interview on either Monday or Tuesday
H and L must interview on the same day, with no other applicant interviewing between them
I and K cannot interview on the same day.
At least one interview must be scheduled between the interviews of G and L
If G has very First interview , and if exactly four people are interviewed on Tuesday, which of the following could be the schedule for the two interviews immediately following G’s?
A) First H, then L
B) First L, then F
C) First I, Then L
D) First F, Then I

10. Two men together start a journey in the same direction. They Travel 9km/hr and 15km/hr respectively. After travelling for 6 hours the man travelling at 9km/hr doubles his speed and both of them finish the distance in the same time. How many hours will they take to reach their destination?
A) 17 Hours
B) 18 Hours
C) 16 Hours
D) 12 Hours

11. In a class of boys and girls vikas’s rank is 9th and tanvi’s Rank is 17th . Vikas’s Rank among the boys in that class is 4th from the top and 18th from the bottom and tanvi’s rank among the girls is 8th from top and 21st from bottom. In the order of rank, how many girls are there between tanci and vikas?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 5
D) 3

12. Neetu is sitting left to mani who is facing towards north and is playing carom board. Seema is facing towards easr. Who is the partner of sudhir and in which direction is he facing?
A) Neetu-North
B) Mani-East
C) Seema-East
D) Mani-West

13. A train covers a distance between stations A and B in 45 Minutes. If the speed is reduced by 5 km/hour. It will cover the same distance in 48 Minutes, What is the distance between station A & B in Km?
A) 60
B) 64
C) 80
D) 84

14. A, B, C, D, E and F are six Family Members. There is one Doctor, one lawyer, one Engineer, one Pilot, one Student and one Housewife. There are two married couples in the family ‘F”, Who is a Lawyer is the father of ‘A’ , ‘B’ is a pilot and is mother of ‘C’, ‘D’ is grandmother of ‘C’ and is a housewife, ‘E’ is father of ‘F’ and is a doctor. ‘C’ and ‘A’ are brothers. How ‘A’ is related to ‘D’?
A) Brother
B) Son
C) Grandson
D) No Relation

15. I was talking to a friend Tammy, the middle child of five. she has a younger sister Tracey, and three brothers Tommy (oldest child), Timmy and Tony (youngest child). I asked her how old she was, but she hardly ever gives a straight answer. The following is the conversation we had.
“How old are you Tammy?”
“I am three times as old as Timmy was born. Actually, it’s a funny, but Timmy’s,tracey’s, Tommy’s and my ages were all factors of Mum’s age when Tony was born. The only other year where the ages of more than two of us were factors of Mum’s age was when Tracey was half as old as I am now.”
“How old is your Mum now?”
“There’s another funny thing. when Mum turns 50, tony will be the same age Mum was when she gave birth to Tommy”
Assuming Tammy was talking in terms of whole years, and with my mathematical and reasoning abilities i was able to quickly deduce not just Tammy’s age, but all of thier ages. so how old are Tommy,Timmy,Tammy,Tracey,Tony and Mum Now?
a) Tommy is 26, Timmy is 17, Tammy is 16,Tracey is 13, tony is 12 and Mum is 43
b) Tommy is 23, Timmy is 19, Tammy is 18,Tracey is 16, tony is 13 and Mum is 43
c) Tommy is 28, Timmy is 21, Tammy is 23,Tracey is 19, tony is 17 and Mum is 43
d) Tommy is 21, Timmy is 20, Tammy is 19,Tracey is 17, tony is 15 and Mum is 43

16. Three partners invest Rs.2000, Rs.2500 and Rs.1100 in a business and earn a profit of 560. then, he share of person who invested Rs.2500 is
a) Rs.200
b) Rs.250
c) Rs.300
d) Rs.350

17. The average of a set of numbers is 46. If four numbers whose average is 52 are subtracted from this set, the average becomes 44.5. Find the original number of numbers in the set.
a) 20
b) 15
c) 35
d) 12

18.”As a tool for public health policy, the epidemiological study of disease has one major advantage over experiments studying the effects of toxic substances on animals: there is never any call for extrapolating inferences across species in epidemiology.”
Which of the following can be inferred from the passage above?
a) In epidemiology, extrapolating inferences across species is only an auxiliary tool
b) Epidemiology is a very precise science
c) In epidemiology human populations are studies directly
d) Toxicological experimentation on animals is more expensive than the epidemiological studies

19. How much percent must be added to the cost price of goods so that a profit of 20% must be made after giving a discount of 10% from the market price?
a) 20
b) 30
c) 33 1/3
d) 25

20. What will come next in the following number series? 5,9,16,29,54,103,?
a) 206
b) 200
C) 108
d) None of the above

rubber washers and rubber boots. Any of the following facts could be used as illustrativeexamples in addition to the example of rubber-producing plants EXCEPT:
A) The discover of the vaccine for smallpox resulted from observing the effect of the cowpoxvirus on the hands of dairy workers
B) The major source of our pharmaceutical supplies is plants, some of them commonly thoughtof as weeds
C) Certain antibiotics were originally derived from mold growing on cantaloupes
D) Plastic is a unique product derived from petroleum and petroleum by-products

14. Carmen made a sculpture from small pieces of wood. The sculpture is 2 feet 10 inches tall.Carmen places her sculpture on a base that is 6 inches tall. How tall are the sculpture andbase together?
A) 2 feet 4 inchesB) 3 feet 4 inchesC) 3 feet 6 inchesD) 8 feet 10 inches

15. A student loses a mark for every wrong answer scores 2 marks for every correct answer. If he answers all the 60 questions in an exam and scores 39 marks how many of them werecorrect?
A) 31B) 37C) 33D) 27
16. John has a paper route. He collects Rs.4.50 per week from each customer. When he triesto collect from Joe Chance, Joe offers him the option of taking Rs.4.50 or playing a game. Joeplaces one Rs.5.00 bill and three Rs.1 bills in a hat. He offers to let Jon reach in and randomlydrawn out two bills and keep what he gets. What is Jon’s expected value in playing thisgame? Should he play or just take the Rs.4.50?
A) Since he is owed Rs.5.50, this is a losing proposition for JonB) Since he is owed Rs.4.50, this is a losing proposition for JonC) Since he is owed Rs.4.50, this is a gain proposition for JonD) Since he is owed Rs.14.50, this is a losing proposition for Jon

17. Five kids were sharing out a box of candies. Amar took one-third, Babu took one-quarter,Chetan took one-fifth, and Dinakar took one-sixth. That left six candies as Shiva’s share. Howmany candies were altogether?
A) 80B) 110C) 120D) 130

18. The local recycling plant had a contract requiring anyone who obtained recycled bottlesfor storage for them, to bring them back to be recycled again. The plant could make one newbottle from every seven bottles returned. One week, on Monday, they got 343 bottles torecycle. Assuming that everybody brought back all the empties, how many could theyeventually remake from the 343?
A) 54B) 55 C) 56D) 57

19. Miss Priya is the teacher of a large class of girls at one of our more enterprising schools.She is responsible for several subjects, including what is vaguely called “handwork”, but herprincipal interest is in mathematics.”I tried an interesting experiment this week,” she told me. “I had available a large number of beads. They were of three colors: red, yellow, and green”.”I showed my girls how to make seven-bead bracelets-the beads are just strung on threads atregular intervals-and then I suggested that each girl should make a bracelet for herself. Myonly condition was that she should use three beads of any one color; two of a second color;two of a third”.”And what was the experiment exactly?” I asked. “Why,” said Miss Priya, “I wanted to seehow many different bracelets were produced by these haphazard instructions. There werethirty-two, which is about what might have been expected. It would have been possible-butonly just possible-for every girl to construct a bracelet different in appearance from all theothers.”How many girls are there in the class?
A) 52B) 53C) 54D) 55

20. 1248 1632 6412 8256 ……?
A) 5121B) 5211C) 5122D) 5112

Wipro Techncal section

4. What will be the output of the program?void main(){int x, y, z;x = y = z = 1;z = ++x && ++y && ++z;printf(“%d”, x);}
A) 2B) 1C) 0D) Compile-time error
5. What will this program display if the zzz.c exixts in C:TCSAMPLE subdirectory?#includevoid main(){FILE *fp;int ch;fp = fopen(“C:TCSAMPLEZZZ.C”,”t”);while((ch = fgetc(fp))!=-1)printf(“%c”,ch);
A) The program will give a complication errorB) The program will give a runtime errorC) The program displays the contents of the fileD) The program does not dispaly the contents o f the file

6. Which of the following algorithm(s) is non-preemptive?1) Round Robin2) Shortest Job First(SJF)3) First Come First Served(FCFS)
A) 1 & 2B) 2 & 3C) 3 & 4D) 2 & 4

7. Which comparison is required for merging two sorted lists of sizes m and n into sorted listof size m+n?
A) O(m)B) O(n)C) O(m+n)D) O(log m + log n)

8. In UNIX, a “process” refers to what?
A) Compiled source codeB) Un-compiled source codeC) An executing instance of a programD) An executable file

9. Which of the following is not an antivirus company?
A) AVGB) SymantecC) PandaD) Xargon

10. What is the prefix form of: A/B^C+D^E?
A) +/A^BC^DEB) +^A/BC^DEC) /^+ABC^DED) None of these