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Hai friends,

I am SAMBA Panthangi I want to share my experiences with you. It was a two days procedure. WIPRO consists of written test, Technical interview n HR interview in its selection procedure.

Written test:

Verbal-15q, Aptitude+Analytical- 15q, Technical-30q. Total 50 questions. Time is 1 hour. 2000 candidates attended the written test.

In that 545 candidates got short listed.

In Verbal Active voice n Passive voice(1), Direct n Indirect speech(1), Sentence completion passage with 5 blanks(5), Identifying the wrong spelt words(3), Antonyms(1), Synonyms(2).

In Aptitude pythogorous problem, Pendulum clock, ratios(3), sequence n series, Ages, streams, time n distance n some analytical questions that I don?t remember. For aptitude prepare R.S. Agarwal.

In Technical finding the outputs of programs C(3), C++(2),Theory questions related to Computer networks: port numbers, layers (2), Data structures: Trees n sorting techniques, pre order n post order tree traversals, Infix to postfix expression(5),Java(1), Operating systems : memory management n scheduling algorithms(3), Checking the syntaxes of given statements(4).

I think section wise cut offs were Aptitude (8), Verbal (8), Technical (10 for IT&CSE students n 4 for other branches students)

Date: 7-10-06

Technical Interview:

I am from IT stream. Initially he asked me some HR questions like say about your self? What are your strengths? He started asking Technical questions based on my resume.

The interview was like this:

1. Rate your self in C?

2. What is your favorite subject?(I said java)

3. Say about JAVA for 2min.

4. What are the storage classes in C?

5. 8086 registers and memory details.

6. One Program related to 8086.

7. One DBMS query.

8. One C program on pointers?

9. My 4-2 project details.

10. My hobbies and interests.

I answered some perfectly. The most important things that he checking were eye to eye contact, confidence, Firmness. He satisfied with all my answers and gave me The HR form. My technical interview was over in 15min. 200 members cleared Technical Interview.

HR interview:

In HR interview she asked me the following questions:

1. What are your strengths? (I said positive n active)

2. How did u know that u are active n positive?

3. Who is your role model in woman?( I said a politician name)

4. Who is the most powerful woman in the world?

5. Woman or man who is best according to you n why?

6. Some questions related to general knowledge, politics, Dressing of men and women, Love?

7. What are your hobbies?

My HR interview was the most memorable thing in my life. It was around 30mins. Finally they selected 131 members. I was one of them. Friends every round is one elimination round so be active.

I want to say one thing finally. Do hard work, be confident, have faith on god. These things will surely helpful in achieving your dreams.

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