Company: Zensar Technologies

1) Write a minimal C++ program .

2) ( HR )
(a) Talk about yourself
(b) What are your strengths.
(c) Where do you think you have to improve.
(d) Where do you see yourself after 5 years

3) main()
int i=2;
int a=4;

printf( ” TRUE “);
printf(“FALSE “);

What is the output of the program ..
Ans ) TRUE , coz i+=3 becomes incremented and i becomes 5 . So i is greater than a

4) What is an OS ?
Ans :
5) What is a Data Structure ?
Ans : It is a an abstract data type where some operations can be defined and performed on the data. It makes the task of a programmer easy coz it has all the set of data and operations at a particular place

What is OOP.
What is Object Oriented Analysis nad design.
how do u communicate between object and class.
What is the role Software in the real life in current scenario.

what is object and how it is similsr to real life entity.

what is extranet,intranet,internet

Tech. interview…

what is an os???

what is an interpreter???
what is a compiler???
what is the difference between an interpreter and a compiler???
In compiling and running a program whatz the part of a compiler and what is that of an interpreter???

what is a database???
what is a dbms???
what is the difference between them???
what is a rdbms???

tell us about unix???
how do u run and executive in unix environment???

what is a network???
why is a network???

int foo(char)
he asked to explain what this meant…

a c program on pointers and he asked me to give the output of the program which is quite simple…

a c++ program which is again on pointers… but as i am not comfortable with c++ i didnt take the risk of making a guess and admitted the truth… i think its pretty simple one for those who are comfortable with c++…

then some informal chat…

okay thankyou very much, good bye…

HR interview…

Ok leela krishna, what do ur friends call u???
how many friends do u have???
Do u talk with girls???
how many girl friends do u have???
whatz the difference of a girlfriend from a girl who is a friend???
what do u do on sundays???
do u like hyderabad???
whatz so special about it???
what places have u got to visit in hyd…???
how many of them have u gone to???
after all this informal chat comes the regular interview…..

why dont u tell about ur self???my studies, family background, my hobbies and interests etc.
so ur hobby is choreography, what type of dances do u compose??? just western and filmi
did u learn it some where in ur child hood??? no.
have u attended our presentation yesterday night??? yes
have u visited our site??? yes
did u like it??? yes 🙂
why do u want to join Zensar???
ask any questions if u have to clear with me??? i asked one question.

thats it with hr, thankyou very much, shake hand. bye bye.

These were the questions i faced in the interviews..

Tech :-
What do you know about operating systems ?
Is it a compulsion to have an OS ?
what do u know about Linux .. how’s it better ?
What is HTTP ?
A long c code on pointer logic .
Another simple c – code
x = 5 ; y = 10;
y += x++;
what are the values of x,y?

HR :-
Tell me something about your self.
How many friends do u have?
How do ur friends see u ?
What are the most important qualities a leader should have?
give me some instances where you have lead people.
give me 2 reasons why zensar should take u.
where do u think u need to improve upon.