Zensar Placement Paper

Company: Zensar Technologies

First there is the written aptitude part. Believe me, its just like other zensar written multiple choice questions. See the sample papers here for the written part. Here are the technical written test questions with the hr & tech interview complete questions.

Zensar Technical Written Test Questions:

1)which is the fastest: FTP, TELNET ,TCP, etc.

int x=20 ,y=35;
x= x++ + y++;
y = ++x + ++y;
printf(?%d %d?,x,y);
} (this c program code is provided and you have to find out the output. There are other c language programming skills questions like below.)

3)char *p[]=?rachit and devender?;

4)const char *p[]=?abhishek and Ankur?;

char k=?a?;




extern int i;




6) main(){
int i,j=2;

if(i%j !=0)




For what values if i the output will be 5 : options 1)when i is even 2) odd 3)prime 4) fro all

7)complexity of merge sort .?

8)which sorting also will use to sort {1,2,3,4,5} ?

9)which cpu register holds the address of next instruction?

Char *p[]=?pradeep mani?;
Printf(?%c%c%c%c?,p[i],i[p],(* p+1),*(p+1));

11) select * from dual ; output..??

12) we cant typedef
(i) pointers
(ii) function
(iii) double
(iv) I and II both above are some of the question which are been asked in the 4th section of the

Aptitude test.

After 30 minutes, result was declared, 5 candidates were selected.

Technical Interview Questions:

1) What is pointer to a function?
2) Explain the working of pointer to a function
3) Difference between char const *p , const char *p ,const * char p, const char * const p
4) What Is FILE *fp
5) Write a program to print a file from the last .
6) Write a program to encrypt the file
7) What is abstraction
8) What is run time polymorphism
9) What is register storage class? If a variable is declared as register then is it compulsory that it will be of storage type register?
10) What is interface in java?
11) What is implementation?
12) Why java doesn?t support multiple inheritance?
13) Is c++ is pure object oriented?
14) Why we need new operator in java at the time of object declaration and why not in c++?
15) Write a program to implement virtual functions.
16) What is the difference between file and database storage ?
17) Difference between hierarchical data model and network data model ?
18) What are the 12 codd?s rule ?
19) Gave me a table and asked me to normalize it up to 3 nf .
20) Difference between BCNF and 4 nf ?
21) Difference between conflict and view serialzability
22) What is batch operating system ?
23) Difference between multiprogramming and multitasking ?
24) What are different types of scheduler ? explain short term scheduler ?
25) What are different scheduling algorithms ?
26) What is a system call?
27) Monitors and Semaphores ?
28) What are different CPU registers ?
29) Object oriented model , Component Assembly model and Waterfall model ? compare them ?
30) Difference between OSI and TCP/IP?
31) X.25 ?
32) CSMA/CD ?
33) IEEE?
34) Heap Sort , Merge Sort ?
35) Hashing Technique ?

This round lasted for around 50-55 minutes. Now came the time for the HR interview:

Normal Questions:

1) Describe Yourself as a person ?
2) Say something about dream.
3) Which is your dream company ?
4) Then why zensar?
5)Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

Finally I got selected. Thank god.

Zensar Placement Paper

About Zensar

Zensar Technologies Limited is an Indian publicly traded software and services company. The company’s stock trades on the Bombay Stock Exchange and on the National Stock Exchange of India. A subsidiary of RPG Group, the company’s chairman is Harsh Goenka.visit offical website of ZENSAR for more details.

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