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PAPER : Accel Frontline Fresher Job Interview Placement paper Pattern

Dear Friends,

This is Akshat Jain currently pursuing B.Tech. from IIMT Engg. College, Meerut. Accel Frontline visited our campus two times for a complete campus recruitment process. I could not remember the date but interview date was 23rd of May`2008 firstly,

It took Written Exam: Written exam consist of 50 questions in which, 10 ques. consists of Maths and other 40 ques. consists of Language, Harware, Operating System.

Questions are very hard for a software engineer if one does not have any hardware knowledge. Only software, language and other theoritical subject are not enough, one should have good knowledge. Also Accel Frontline was hiring B.Tech. Candidates first time for their some special projects and before that it recruits technical candidates from other courses not from B.Tech. Secondly, There was a Personal Interview One-to-One. It was just a formal HR.

They require that a candidate must have habbit of learning and a willingness to do something for a company and for others too. He should be keen to learn and good attitude. Ques they ask from me is that: Actually, I have a gold medal, which i pin up on my colour, then they ask me, U are also a gold medalist(before me one goldmedlist have attended a interview ) I answered that, Sir actually i am not a gold medalist but I have written a book of Mathmatics for a college(It was my dream which could not have completed till yet) thats why colg awarded me, this medal. Then lady HR. ask me that which type of book you have written, I answered that Ma’am i have just provide some basics of Mathematics to crack a problem in maths of many many steps.

For Example i eliminte the use of many steps in solving a integration and give how to use gama function for that same integration, with minimum steps just two or three instead of 10-20 initially. There were two HR’s and GM of the company. They accepted my answere and GM give some indiacation to one lady HR. I think this answere was my key for the selection. then they ask me about my family background, and ask me about bond that my parents will be ready to sign a bond and i too. I answered that yes, sir then they ask that why? I answered that sir my parents will not stop me to go forward on any right path.

Then GM ask how do you analyse that which company is right or wrong for u? Suddenly he ask that Accel Frontline is right company for me or not. I replied Yes sir, Then they ask me that Are u ready to work all over india.? I replied that sir, yes i am ready to work any where in india and all over world too. They give a quite smile and say thank you. After half an hour of completion of interview they announced tha result and we were 11 students got selected in Accel Frontline, seven to them of EC branch and four of them my branch.(Ankit Vidyarthi, Arun Kumar, Shashankh Gupta, Akshat Jain). Selection procedure may be changed because it was the first time of their selection of B.Tech candidated, for further recruitment they can change the procedure.

Be prepare for that also be prepare of good hardware knowledge. okk thank you, meet in the company. Er.Akshat Jain

Accel Frontline Placement paper

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