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Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems Placement Paper

Company: Adobe Systems

1. 15 min Logical Ability test: Simple syllogism based questions, sequence related questions, etc

2. 30 min Quantitative Aptitude test: Simple Arithmetic, angles, geometry, profit/loss, number system

There will be 15 questions for match the column
Mark A if column A is GREATER than column B
Mark B if column A is LESS than column B
Mark C if column A is = column B
Mark D if DATA IS INSUFFICIENAdobe Systems Placement PaperT

There are very simple typical baron based

There would be 3 questions on triangles all three were from RS Aggarwal.
There was one set of questions on the DI question on 20 -25 were on this graph. It was about the total mass of human body is 70,000 gms
Muscles 30000
Bones 10000
Blood 5000
There were two pie charts which tell the percentage of water in the food. And the second one tells the which parts ,,something like that

1. what percentage of total mass does liver has
Ans 2.4%

2. What is the ratio of bones to total mass
All the questions are simple ..

3. 45 min Testing concept test: 20 objective multiple choice qustions like binary form of numbers, virtual memory, lossy compression, while loop, if-then-else, error codes.

1. Winzip is a
a. lossy compression
b. lossless Compression
d image

2. output of 11000100 minus 2

3. Memory leakage is because of
a.variable not decraled
b. variable not free.. like this 4 options were given

4. Virtual memory concept is related to
a. memory leagkage

5.Regretion testing is defined as
a. testing the whole application
b.testing the different modules in the application

6. If the time is very limited for the testing then what would u test in the application.
a. run all the tests
b.look for the most used featues in the application
c.go to the test plan and run the test based on the priority

I would suggest to go thru all the definition like what is regretion testing. what is unit smoke etc.

1 Test Case Writing questions: 10 test cases for entering 3 values representing sides of a triangle and the program giving output as scalene, isosceles or eqilauteral (10 Marks)

1 Output of a calculator and finding the error in the output, write the defect log for the bug (5 Marks)

1 Ques on weather Dev should do the testing or not. Give 3 reason on favour and 2 against it. (5 Marks)

1 Question diff between priority of a bug and severity of a bug. Give example of one case where priority is high but severity is low and one case where severity is high bur priority is low.

1 Question on a program that calculates P=R/I where R, I are integer inputs and P a floating point output. Write 10 test cases for this – 5 Marks.

Adobe Systems Placement Paper

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