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I am Guru Pradeep M attended Adobe test on 16-07-2006. The test was on Analytical(easy), Quantitative(Easy), C(Easy but most on Data Structures).I Attended The test in Development Domain.Merit-Trac Conducted the test. Actually it was for both Testing & Devp Posn. Testing I dont Know.These are the quesns that was asked on C.Hope this Will help u a Lot. Waiting for results.Thank U.Bye Bye

Guru Pradeep M

ADOBE Written Test

1) Wap to reverse a linked list and sort the same.

2) Given two integers A & B. Determine how many bits required to convert
A to B. Write a function int BitSwapReqd(int A, int B);

3) Write an algorithm to insert a node into sorted linked list.After inserting,
the list must be sorted.

4) Without using /,% and * operators. write a function to divide a number by 3.
itoa() function is available.

5) Wap to swap two integer pointers.

6)Write a funcn int round(float x) to round off a floating point num to int.

7) write an ALP to find sum of First n natural numbers using the following Instructions

LDA num ; load Accumulator with num
DCR R ; decrement Register R
INR R ; increment Register R
MOV x,y ; move the contents of register y into register x
JZ label ; jump to label if A=0
DJNZ label; Decrement & Jump if A <> 0
you can use B & C registers in addition to A register

8) prove that a tree is BST.what is height of a tree?

9) Given A,B & C Boolean polynomials.Prove That (A+BC)=(A+B)(A+C)

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