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Pattern consist of Puzzles only.

1.There is a farm which contains super hens which r genetically made to lay eggs of double size than the normal ones. But as genetic engg. is not well understood there is only 50-50% chance of a super hen laying large egg.The farm is such tht it keeps the hen as long as it lays large eggs and removes the hen out of the farm as soon as it lays one normal egg. The farm followed the same process for one year and counted all the eggs laid by all the super hens.At the end of the year the ratio of large eggs to the normal ones is?(4m neg-1)

2.There is bag containing balls of three colors-Red, Green and Yellow and there are three color blind people A, B and C.For A Red is invisible and every other color appears Gray. For B Green is invisible and every other color appears Gray. For A Yellow is invisible and every other color appears Gray.

They were shown the box and when asked the question what can see their replies were
A: I can see two balls.
B: I can see two balls.
C: I can see two balls.
How many balls were there in the box and of what color? (5m neg-2)

3.There is a temple on the top of the hill of height 1000mtrs.Coconuts at the base of the hill are sold at 5/- each and at the top of the hill at 50/- each. One intelligent businessman thought of buying coconuts at the base and selling them at the top. For that he appointed 2 people who can carry only 1000 coconuts at a time and takes 1 coconut for every mtr of walk.
Can he succeed in his plan. If yes how much profit he earns for a rupee of investment? (7m neg-2)

4.In the 2nd world war Japan?s war ship named J was followed by the USA war ship U which is traveling at 100kmph. By the time U was beside J and ready to launch the torpedo, the place was surrounded by fog and the army-general in U could not see anything. Taking this as a chance J changed in direction at an angle. After 6min the general in U realized it and informed the helicopter over it to find J. After 3 minutes the helicopter replied that J turned at an angle 45 degrees and was 5km away from U at the time when the general asked for it. The intelligent general quickly turned U and successfully caught J.
How much time ?U? would have taken to catch ?J?? (8m neg-2)
Note: (You can save time by mentioning the formula).

5.Two mathematicians met after 27 years in their college. This was their conversation.
First: How are you doing?
Second: Fine I got married and have three daughters.
First: Fine. I also got married 2 years after the college. How old are your daughters?
Second: Well, Product of their ages is 72 and their sum is equal to that house number (It was not mentioned).
First: Wait, I am still counting.
Second: Sorry, youngest of them has just started walking.
First: Is it! Youngest of mine is also of the same age.
How old are the three daughters? (12m neg-3)

6.A boy got bored of the class and started walking on a hall which contained 1024 lockers in a row. He first opened locker 1 and alternatively left one and opened one from thereon. When he reached the end he turned back and opened the first closed locker and from thereon continued what he did previously. He did this back and fro method till he opened the last locker.What is the number of the last locker he opened? (12m neg-3)

7.There is a slowrun express tht runs btw bangalore & mumbai…it starts at 10.00pm & reaches destination @ 11.30 pm 3 days later…the train is operated on all days…if the train starts from bangalore , how many other slowrun expresses will it meet on the way..b4 reaching mumbai….???.

8.There is magic dragon with 3 heads & 3 tails….u have a magic sword tht can cut 1 head,2 heads , 1 tail & 2 tails…if 1 head is cut another head grows…if 1 tail is cut 2 new tails grow…2 tails are cut a new head grows…& if 2 heads r cut nothing grows…find minimium number of swings 2 cut all heads & tails…

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