Company: OnMobile

Hai friends i attend onmobile test. paper consists of

Analytical ability : 6 questions, 45 minutes time
1. finding the present age. (its simple)

2. if a man who does programming can think 100 lines for 10 mins whereas he types 100 lines in five mins. for every ten mins he takes a break of five minutes, so, how much lines will he type in an hour.

3. find a number which is divided by 4,5,6 respectively which gives the remainder 2,3,and 4 respectively.

4. two trains enter a tunnel of 200 miles long at a same speed of 100 mph in opposite directions. a bee starting to travel at the same time when the train enters the tunnel at 1000 mph. if the bee travels frm one end to another end of the tunnel when the trains explode by each other, whats the total distance that the bee have travelled.

5. October 2, 2001, when written in a format of mm/dd/yy, gives 10 02 2001 which is a palindrome date, find the last palindrome date before the october 2,2001.

6. birds of colur black and white, sitting in a place, ( i didnt remember the qn exactly), but the calculation was if the birds were seperated by 7 or 4,( of any color) then there are two birds remaining in either of the color, to find the number of birds seated in the arrangement.

Technical test : 25 qns, 15 mins time
1. Basic networking fundamentals which include finding the class a or class b ip address frm the given choices, changing password in Win 2000, use of safe mode, osi reference module, tcp/ip, vlan, lan, mac address, etc..

Sorry i don’t remember

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