Company: Aricent Group

Pattern: Aricent Paper Pattern on 21st January at Delhi

Selection Procedure:
Technical Interview (can be more than 1)

In written test there are 7 section of each 10-20 minuts duration:
1. Verbal( English)
2. Aptitude
3. Mental Ability.
4. Data Structures and OS(20 questions,20 mins)
5. C or C++ (20 questions,20 mins)
6. Comprehension( 15minute reading time +10minutes,10 questions)
7. E-mail writing (5 minutes)

There is a sectional cutoff for each section. So please be prepared and manage your time accordingly. When given time for each section is over, paper is collected back, to create pressure on the candidate.

1) Verbal section contains some easy questions like :
fill in the blanks, abbreviations, vocabulary

2) Aptitude section contains mainly a set based questions.just go through the basic set formulas. There were around 5 questions from sets.

3) Mental Ability: there were very easy questions like
Identify the correct match
a) 1114422344243 b) 111442224243 c) 1114422343243

4) Data Structures and OS
Here incomplete codes were given, using queues , trees, linked list etc and we were required to select the correct code from the options given, which will give the correct output.
From OS questions were from context switching, throughput

5) C or C++
I opted for C. few questions were very easy, but rest were quite difficult.
1 question was on memmap() function
there was a question like
Q. float f =11.002