Company: Aricent Technologies Holdings Ltd

Aricent placement paper 2012.

Eligible stream

– All B.E /MCA/M.Sc IT

Criteria for – 6.5 CGPA in the course only not any constraint over 10th, 12th, and graduation marks

No.of student seat 481

Written qualified – 181
Finally selected – 55
Given by – Ravi Shanker (MCA)
Written Detail( no negative marking and having sectional cut off)
In written there are four sections.

1. Analytical reasoning(30 questions 30 min)

Sylloligm, Assumption, series question, non-verbal reasoning. There are four figure given and find out the next figure in the given figure R.S. Aggrawal reasoning is enough. 6-7 question are from here. 4-5 sylloligsm again R.S.Aggrawal is enough. Two question based on critical reasoing one is easy and the another one is comparatively tough. Overall it’s easy to solve them in 30 min. I have solved all.

2. Attention to detail

Here 20 question in 20 min.
Enough time
Very easy

Question like that

1. 2*4/8+6 where * replace + , + replace – and / replace *
There are around 5-6 question like that

2. Question based on alphabetically order again 4-5 question based on that

3. Data Structure (20 min – 20 questions)

1. Coctail sort complexity

2. Which algorithm is best in a given condition

3. Algo. is there and find out what it doing

4. Problem is there and find out which algo is suitable
Basic understanding of data structure is required.

5. Programming language
Here you have option to choose a language from C/C++/java
They asked you before and give the paper. 30 question in 40 min. I have opted for C. But C++ and java paper is also easy. In c there are time consuming long question but easy. Actually due to administration we got only 30 min. I have done 22 correct in that time. This section play a major role in here to clear cut off .
Question are not tough but it is time taking. So make sure first do sort question and then do long question.


In interview they are paying attention on Networking, C/C++, OS
In networking
What is switching. Explain and draw the packet switching and circuit switching.
Implement packet in C. I have confirmed the question that which packet. finally I have asked to implement IPv4 packet format. I have made a structure having two pard header and data, in header Part I mention about different flag, CRC and for data part.

I have make a linked list of void pointer and the maximum size of packet is limited by a counter.

What is padding and why it is necessary.

Question from DNS, resolver.

what is http and https.

Different between TCP, UDP give some examples.

They ask to write program in C.

Programs are basic to revese the linked list, factorial, fibobacci, stack, queue.

They also ask question from preprocessor and Randon no. generation algorithm.

And some times implement a thought in C. Its very easy they are only looking for concept not the exact

Do and explain whatever you are doing, or what you have done.
In C++ I have asked abstract class, virtual constructor and destructor and their importance, necessity of virtual class. Be confident and give them some examples from real life. Question are also from Virtual function. They asked me to implement abstract class in C++. In OS they asked what is process, thread, aging, paging , segmentation, virtual memory, dead lock. From some interview they have also asked some basic concept of microprocessor , its component and functionality.

If you have project they ask question from that, they also ask question to rate the subjects and what is favorite subject

My first question what tell me about yourself I have introduced me and tell him my project. Initially
he has taken interest him later he leave that It was on Grid Computing.
Be careful while discussing the project with them, If you have done something with C revise the things.
For HR section they ask question from Critical Incident form. I have asked only few question from HR section it is deal by the same person who is taking my HR. Two from critical incident from, two what is your weakness, what you will do when you have to sacrifice for you friend.

In Critical incident form they ask the answer of question like that
1. a moment when you have to conince some one and he is not agree with you.
2. Group activity is last six month.
3. Group activity in you college and school life.
4. A situation when you have less information and you are blamed for certain incident, what you will do.
Be confident in interview explain the things in detail. Whenever they ask for implement alway implement (partially/fully) doesn’t matter and explain.
Revise the basic of networking/C/C++/OS.
My interview was cool. it was continue for around 40-45 min. Finally I got selected.

Hope it will be helpful.
Best of luck!