Hi Friends

In my opinion the written round was reasonably tough. There was negative marking and sectional cut-off.
Practice a little R.S. Agarwal.

Quantitative – time n distance, work, venn, sets, linear equations, there were more i dont remember.
English – Reading Comprehension, synonyms, analogy, fill in the blanks, more. but i dont remember
Essay – They said that this is NOT A DISQUALIFIER. the essay will be gone through during the interview to “assess” your thoughts

My interview was a “Piece of Cake”

Tech and HR interview happened simultaneously. Most of my time was spent in answering HR questions.

The questions that I can remember are
1) How would you dynamically allocate memory to an array
int n;
int * p;
p = (int *)malloc(n*sizeof(int));

2) What is return parameter of a constructor
constructor does not return anything

3) How will you make it return something
Send address of return variable as an arguement to the constructor.
store in pointer and modify

4) How is multiple inheritance done in Java.
Using interfaces.

5) suppose you have a class C address 192.168.0.x is for router
How many other systems can you connect to this network
I said 253, but i am not sure about this answer.

6)Where do you see yourself 2 years from now?
7)where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
8)If u r not happy with ur job, how will you let your superior know?
10)If I tell you to learn a new language (Say COBOL) in a week. will you be able to do it? how?
11)Family background
12)3 Strengths. 1 Weekness. How do u plan to overcome?

Some questions asked to my friends.
1)What is Oracle. What is SQL Server.
2)Explain network model, heirarchial model, relational model (RDBMS)
3)9 balls are given. 8 balls have equal weight. 1 ball has different weight (maybe more or less). you have one weighing scale.
Minimum number of measuring to detect the odd ball.

Around 60-70 appeared for written
19 were selected for interviews.
12 were selected finally. (7 Btech. remaining Mtech/MCA )

They gave a pen and a swiss army knife to those who were selected

Amit Dey