Hi Friends

ATOS selction procedure consist of 3 parts:-
1. Aptitude test.
2. Technical interview.
3. HR interview.

Aptitude Test consists of 100 questions & 3 sections. u have to solve dem in 1 hr 15 min. THERE IS ONE TO ONE NEGATIVE MARKING & SECTIONAL CUT OFF

3 sections are logical, quant, verbal…
for logical section do puzzles frm rs agarwal verbal non verbal… assertions, data suffeciency,
go through GRE tutorial sites on net (one of my questions (puzzles 5 marks)
there are 45 questions in logical section–Cutoff might be 10 (just a guess)

Quant– keep it for the last section to be solved it is tugh but rs agarwall is enough.. do percentage, numbers, diatance time speed stuff, simple intrest and compound intrest and any thing u find important.
there 25 questions. sectional cutoff was 5-6 i think cause i had solved only 7

Verbal– dont do the paragraph stuff in that cause its time consuming…..normally they ask antonyms synonyms, fill in the blanks, meaning of underlined phrase and there was somthing like this
find word pair having similar relationship from the options given.. (there were 5 such questions)
flash cards and baron might be enough but if u have good vocb this is the esiest section..
there are are 30 questions sectional cut off 8-10 i think….

after this there is paragraph writing.. the topic given to us was IT IN GAMES.. as ATOS is IT supporter of olympics…
i was screwed in apti i thught i wud never clear but miraculously i made it.. 38 out of 95 cleared

then we had technical and hr together….

HR is simple strenght-weakness they will ask u frm ur resume so be cock sure abt wht u write there….
technical is bit tricky….
i was asked abut my project…that was in asp–jsp –java and all… no questions on C/C++ datastructures (but my other friends were quizzed abt it.. buble sort doubly linklist etc…) they did asked me frm DBMS..

so the bottom line is be confident show them ur heart and be energetic and sucess will be yours.. 12 were selected finally and i was one of them…..