Company: Avaya India Pvt Ltd


Aptitude Test: Minutes
Quantitative: 25 Minutes
Reasoning / Analytical: Minutes
Verbal English: 25 Minutes
Technical: 35 Minutes

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:

There were four sets of paper.
1)Verbal – 20 questions were asked. Easy ones.
2) Analytical – same. only easy questions were asked.
3) Algorithms – some questions in this section were little tough. Apart from that algorithms like BFS,DFS and postorder, preorder traversals,sorting techniques like bubble sort, radix sort, and one question on complexity was also asked.It was for 10 mins and 15 questions were asked.
4) C++ Programming – Templates, structures, “What is the output” type questions,Wrapper classes etc were asked. Time management is necessary in Algorithms and C++ part.


It was for 40 mins.Two of them took my interview simultaneously. Both were very friendly. They asked me a lot of questions. They asked me my favourite subject and i told OS. So questions were asked mainly from that only. Some of them were how to run a flat binary file in the processor, process concepts,virtual memory concepts, process scheduling etc.. It was not tough.. Be very prepared with the basics first.. Next they tested my programming ability.. They gave me an option of c++ and java.. i took java. So they asked me on extending classes , interfaces and a program based on that. Basic OOPS concepts were also asked. Though they didn’t ask me,details of the final year project was very much concentrated..


This was for 20 mins. They asked me to tel about myself, why avaya?, are you placed in any other company? etc… Surprisingly she asked about my project also . She was very friendly and talked very positively. Answering confidently is the basic key here.


As a whole the selection went very well for me.. All the panel members were very amicable.The PPT was good.. The selection process went for 9 hours totally.. It was a good experience..