Robert Bosch
Robert Bosch

BOSCH Placement Papers

Company: Robert Bosch


Written Test (89/400)

Questions; 60
Duration: 1 h

1. Basic Electrical-5 q’s
1. Critical circuit (V, I, R) find the voltage between two points. In one path current source and one R is present. (Easy)
3. Theory from reciprocity theorem (not sure but one theorem)

2. Basic electronics-5 q’s
ii. Different diodes

3. Digital electronics -8 q’s
I. how many min. NAND gate is used to make one EX-OR gate.
Ans 4
ii. Flip flop
iii. Gates

4. Microprocessor and microcontroller -5 q’s
i. which is not a 8 bit mp. (8085, / / / )
ii. What is the long instruction in mp 8085 instruction set?

6. Computer network and operating system -7 q’s
i. topology
ii. OSI model
iii. Write the 7 layers from top to down,
iv. Some questions from different layers.

7. control system, digital signal processing, etc—5 q’s

8. aptitude-15(very easy) Just remember ur school day. See RS Agawam for 2 h (only for confidences build up)
i. height and distance( 2 no’s) very easy put tan x = ?? Ladder, wall, base
ii. Work, power, energy (no of man, no of women, efficiency, no of work relation)
ii. Train
iii. Boat and stream (u can easily attempt 13 out 15, or 15 /15)

9. English(10 q’s)
i. Synonyms & antonyms ,
ii. Some q’s from prepositions,
iii. Simple grammar.

Total 60 q’s
About 400 candidate were appeared the written test .89 student were got selected.I am one of them (Next day the result was displayed).

GD (89/89)
Don’t worry about GD it’s is formality.No one got rejected.(may be they have time )Topics for all 89 are same.Topics is lets consider u r a CEO of an courier service and u have only 5 laks, how u make it to 5 cr. Within in one year.Don’t worry about this in all times GD is not conducting rarely

Technical Interview (5/89)
This is the main round to crack.There may be two technical.(differ from person to person) For me 2. almost all 2 , few have 1.
Percentage of impotence of diff. subject
1. project- 20 %
i. Describe ur project with block diagram (common for all).This is the best way to make ur impression .They will ask about working of diff parts. (No matter how difficult or easy project u. Have done. They simply check ur knowledge about the project. (20 to 30 min).Depending upon ur project they will go to ur subject.As my project is based on basic electronics, they start from basic electronics.

2. Basic electronics -15 %
i. What is Zener diode, knee current, knee voltage, draw the characteristics, transistor with characteristics, OPAMP, SCR, basics but entire thing. Ideal characteristics of OPAMP, if high i/p impedance and low o/p impedance will not maintain what will happen. can current flow opposite direction of diode , explain with diagram. Relay, 12volt battery supply is given to 6volt bulb, how possible explain with diagram. Multivibator .

3. Digital electronics -20%
i. about all gates, truth table and diagram, universal gates , why universal, derive all gates from NAND gates,(E-OR from NAND), design a counters, resister, flip flop, conversion of flip flop, magnitude comparator (2 and 3 bit). Design a circuit for square wave; design a circuit for buzzer (buzzer used in quiz competition)

4. Micro processor and micro controller 15%
i. 8085 mp, 8051 mc are very important, difference between microprocessor and microcontroller, interrupt, program counter, how interrupt occur with memory diagram, architecture of 8085 and 8051. (Follow BRAM, and mazide). It is possible to made float variable in 8086 mp and why. Write a program in mp or mc such it will measure room temperature.

5. C (only c) 20%
i. this is the one of the important section. Complete over look is required,What is c, expression, loop and difference between loops, storage class difference between them (very important), structure and union difference between them and memory management of them, some question on files, they must ask to write a program 1. Fibonacci series (for me),2. Sine wave,3. Factorial of a no, number, 5. Odd and even, 6. Matrix multiplication, division ,7. Palindrome.8. 2’s compliment .In second technical I got a question that I m not able to answer
if( )
printf(“ world”);
do some modification such that out put is hello world. I m not sure , may this will be the answer
if(“hello world”);
printf(“ world”);
just check it.
In C language concentrate more on storage classes (Auto, register, static, global).They are given one program on storage classes (better to read balaguruswamy).

6. Computer networks, control system, operating system etc—10%
what is OSI and TCPIP model, difference between them, draw the diagram for OSI model, explain detail about OSI model, some question from topology.
For me no question from Control system.As I am from EEE. At last he ask some question on sensor and signals like what is . tell different sensors , explain thermocouple, what is hall sensor

I m not able to answer. Operating system some basics question only, what is multitasking, scheduling, multithreading,(this is not for me. ECE people) .

Logical Questions:
for the manholes why the caps are in circle shapes why not in square or rectangle in other shape.
In tech round if they ask for any questions ask some questions regarding company.In technical round only five people are selected. (Fortunately I am one of them).

HR ROUND (3/5)
In HR they simple check the communication skill.It will take 15 to 20 min.Don’t worry if u done well in technical then no problem. If u r average then u have to strong in communication.
i. tell something about u?
ii. Family background??
iii. Tell continuous 10 min on IT industries.
iv. Who is the IT minister?
v. future planning?
vi. able to cope with Coimbatore environment?
vii. How much salary u expect from BOSCH.
vii. Do u have any question?

BOSCH Placement Papers

About Robert Bosch

Robert Bosch GmbH, commonly known as Bosch, is a German multinational engineering and technology company headquartered in Gerlingen. The company was founded by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart in 1886. Bosch is 92% owned by Robert Bosch Stiftung, a charitable institution. visit offical website of Robert Bosch for more details.

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