caritor solution
caritor solution


Hello ,
Im sending u the experience of 2 candidates who attended the caritor test and interview which is held at madurai and also i m sending u some papers what i have…

Best of luck for all who are going to write the test
regards, senthil


Am Anbarasan.K , B.Tech(IT) 2005 passout. I feel glad to inform u all that I got placed in “Caritor”, thru the Anna Univ. Placement program 4 self financial colleges’ off campus drive held at Madurai KLN College on 20 & 21st November.
Here am giving my experience at Caritor.
There was totally 5 rounds..
1. Written
2. GD
3. Passage Writing
4. Tech Interview
5. HR Interview

There was
30 Aptitude & reasoning questions & 30 C questions.
Aptitude & Reasoning..
It consisted 1 verbal, 2 or 3 reasoning & remaining all were from quantitative aptitude.
It was little tough.
Its quit easy. A good Basic C knowledge s enough..
“TEST UR C SKILLS” of Yashavant Kanetkar will b very useful 4 this.

2. GD
It was tough, since this was the most filtration round than others.
A survival level English is enough.. Dont shout at any instance.. What u speak s not considered; How u speak s important here.
Each group consisted 12 candidates.
We were told 2 select our own topic.
We selected “Is it acceptable the new rules of anna univ. on uniforms & cell phone use”.
The GD organiser told not to quarrel in beginning itself.
It went on nearly 15 min. & finally one summarised..
Only 2 were selected from my group including me, since v both maintained a calm approach while speaking. while Most of others were not accepting other’s points & shouted on even in the time of summarising.

3.Passage Writing
It was not an elimination round. But they just check ur written communication. A good english without grammatical mistake s enough.
V have given a paper & given the topic “Why u like ur college & how it helped in improving ur personality” & 10 min time.
V all written more than 1 page.
While collecting the papers, the caritor people smiled & said. “We asked just a passage not an essay”.

4. Tech Interview
It was so cool.
One person interviewed in each panel.
For me one gentle man was there
first he introduced himself.
Then Asked me..
Introduce urself..
About Project..
Little Programs on C
2 simple puzzles..
Features of C & Java.. (I mentioned in my resume these) About JVM & platform independency..
Any questions. I was drilled with questions on my project 4 more than 15 min.
the puzzles were. There s milk in a Vessel. How will u fetch 2 litre of milk using 2 empty cans of 5L & 4L.
Ans: First fetch 5l & pour into 4l can, 1l will remain in 5l can. then transform this 1l to 4l can. Again fetch 5l & pour to 4l can which already has 1l of milk. so 2l will remain in 5l can.
Question on How many order of combinations possible if 3 companies have to conduct interview t one college
Ans: 3! = 6
Some other puzzles asked 4 others were..
Making 120 using 5 zeros..
Ans: (0!+0!+0!+0!+0!)! = (5)!=120
Making 120 using 4 zeros..
Ans: ( (0!+0!+0!)! – 0! )! = ((3)! – 1)! = 5! = 120
3 switches are at 1st floor, their corresponding 3 bulbes r at 2nd floor, U have go each floor one time each & have 2 find which switch corresponds 2 which bulb.?
Ans: switch on one switch 4 some minutes & switch it off, then switch on another switch, immediately go to 2nd floor, there 1 bulb will be lightning that corresponds 2 the switch which is “on” now ie the second switch. Among other 2 one will b hotter(since we switched on for some minuts), it corresponds to the 1st switch, and other one 2 the remaining switch.

Making 100 from four nines.
Ans: 99 + 9/9
Connecting 3 X 3 points by 4 lines, the sum avail in sakundala devi..
I was not asked 4 C programs
Amnong other candidates, Somebody were asked to write small programs… for somebody programs 2 implement Data structures like linked list…
Basic C knowledge & Solving Puzzle s very important here..

5. HR Interview
It was little tough 4 me….. But most of other candidates it was quit easy..
There were 2 gentle men & 1 lady..
Only 1 guy asked questions.. others were just watching..
I realised afterwards.. that the guy asked questions was the Chief HR.
First About my family background.
About my college.. Who runs the college..;Is it a business institution.. & so on..
Then our conversation went on like this..
HR: Where s ur native..?
Me: Ramnad District
HR: What u r doing at chennai
Me: Am attending interviews by staying there with my friends.
HR: What companies u attended.
Me: (I listed some I attended.. & said) Sir..! i realised my faults from those xperiences & rectified me from them..
HR: Explain what u did wrong & how did u overcome them.
Me: Sir.. i was lacking n Technical knowledge & communication..
I started refreshing the subjects often.. & For my communication, we invoved in model GD at my room with my inmates. Also we tried 2 speak in English…. as much as possible.
HR: What will u be in 4 years..
Me: I think I will be a team leader, but anyhow its today or after 4 years i wud like 2 be updated with the current technologies..
HR: Why current techniques..? We may impose u on older tech also
Me: I have a dream of my own company after 10 years, so i need current tech..
HR: (Said with smile..) So u will learn from us.. will go out & start ur company..
Me: (I just laughed.. with him) Sir i want 2 be in my own pond..(i sud not have told this) also starting own company s rare in our nation.. so i want 2 be distinguished in that way.. also i wud like 2 help the nation..
HR: Do u like 2 do MBA..? why ? (I told this during tech interview..)
Me: Yes sir.. to improve my managerial skills..
HR: U could improve managerial skills by experience n company itself, then why..
Me: Sir, there i have 2 struggle a lot 2 learn these things.. I may lose much more..
But by doing a MBA degree.. i cud learn by case studies & previous experiences..
HR: How will study MBA..
Me: Mostly by part time
HR: How Cud u manage ur office activities 4 the studies of MBA…
Me: Sir i hope i can manage my works at that time.. But if i have much work load… i will just leave the MBA dream & continue with my job, since Job s the first preference, MBA s just a xtra qualification..
HR: Any questions.
Me: About training.. if i get an offer..
HR: 6 to 8 weeks.. of intense training depending on our requirements
Me: Ok.. Thats all sir.
HR: Ok thank u very much..
I thanked all & walked with confidence..
On 20th sunday.. Written & GD conducted..
On 21st Passage Writing, Tech then HR rounds..
Results announced at 5.oo pm on 21st itself..
From totally 1700 people attended written & Finally they selected nearly 50 candidates..
Then they talked on placement, training & sal..
Joining date b in 2 to 3 Chennai/Banglore.

In my Perception.
Good Basic knowledge on C
Survival level Communication.
are the Key factors 4 success in Caritor.
All the Best 2 all the members.


there was around 6 rounds.2000 member attended.
apps from RS agarwal and some analogies from barrons like wallte:credit card.
I don’t remember the apps.
ffirst and second was apps 30 mints 30 questions.C is from Exploring C Yashwanth Kanitkar.
second technical c only 30 quts 30 mts.only 560 members where selected from this.
third is GD roung it is really tough.
That HR told me to into about myself and tell the achievements.
Then he told to select a topic to speak.
we selected a topic mobile phones should be avoided in college campus is good or bad.
then in our batch there where 15 members out of which only four were selected.
he testing how clearly we are expressing our views in English.
from this round as a whole 82 member were selected.
then we called for the technical interview the very next day.
then all were asked to write an essay about a topic.
the topic was why do you like your college.
how it helped you to develop you personality.
then they called me for technical .
in technical interview i told i know c,c++(basic) , and oracle.
then he asked me question in data structure then Software life cycle model.
1.what is water fall model.
2.explain why the first two phases are important than the other phase.
3.what is a linked list. it differ from array .
5.what is the adv over of linked list over array.
6.what is doubly linked list.
7.what is binary tree.
8.can you sort the given datas like a tree .
eg 16,18,6,9,17,5,3,19
9.what is black box testing.
these are theory questions.
then he told me write a programm to sort an array of ten elemts.
then i wrote it.
he gave me this program and asked what is the output.
int i=10;
printf(“end of the program”);

then he asked to write a query in database.
then he asked about my hobbies the last book I studied,
thats all.
all people went for HR .
finally only 45 where selected.
in HR they asked about location preference.
told me tell about my family backgroung.
thats all about the interview.